German Neo Nazi Barred From Entering US, Wanted to Study Trump, FOX

Donald Trump (PoliticsUSA)
Donald Trump (PoliticsUSA)

By Luther Washington

Heidrich Schwarzerhasser, a German neo nazi has been barred from entering the United States, according to a report by the International Business Times.

U.S. immigration denied Scharzerhasser entry because of his neo-nazi ties.

Schawrzerhasser said he was disappointed that he was not able to come to America and study FOX News and Donald Trump.

“I have been particularly impressed by Herr Trump and FOX News,” said Schwarzerhasser in an interview with the Conservative Chronicle. “It’s clear they are both experts at utilizing propaganda. I also support their views on eliminating the undesirables.”

According to Schwarerzhasser, German neo nazis refer to Trump as the “Amerika Fuhrer.”

Trump’s presidential campaign has attracted several American-based white nationalists including David Duke, a former klansman. Trump’s rise has also been compared to Hitler’s.

Schwarzerhasser said he hoped to learn how to build a wall that would keep undesirables out of Germany.

“Trump has found a final solution to America’s immigration problem,” he said.

Like Steve Bannon, CEO of the alt-right site Breitbart and Trump supporter, Schwarzerwasser made some anti-semitic comments. He said the Jews had too much influence on the American media.

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