Reptilians Says They’re For Voting For Hillary, Because Trump Will Destroy the World

Alex Jones wearing an alien mask. (YouTube)
Alex Jones wearing an alien mask. (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

A man claiming to be a reptilian alien has contacted the Business Standard News to explain why they’re voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Look mane, all we want to do is run the world,” said the man, who claims his name is Jon Singer. “We still want the world to be around. We might be evil, but we ain’t crazy. If we voted for Trump, he would destroy the world and then we’d have to move to a new planet and shape shift into new bodies. Trust me, it’s a lot of hassle.”

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and YouTube videos have promoted the idea that the world is controlled by a secret cabal of shape-shifting reptilian aliens. Jones is a supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has appeared on his show “Info Wars.”

According to Media Matters, Jones launched into an unhinged rant during the debate claiming Clinton was planning to seize guns if she is elected president.

Jones also believes President Barack Obama and Clinton are “demons” and the government is creating gay people to solve overpopulation.

“I have the government documents where they said they’re going to encourage homosexuality so people don’t have children,” said Jones, according to Raw Story.

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