Alex Jones Accuses CIA Veteran of Being ‘Illuminati Agent,’ Pushing ‘Fake’ Hacking Story

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Jamal Whiteman

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has launched a blistering attack against former CIA officer Bob Baer. Baer went on CNN to criticize President-elect Donald Trump for his refusal to believe that Russian hackers helped sway the election in his favor.

“And the fact that Trump has not reacted is incredible,” said Baer, according to Raw Story. “This FBI information is forensic. It is the same sort of evidence they send people to jail on. It is computer DNA. It is indisputable at this point.”

However, Jones called Baer, a veteran operative who worked throughout the Mideast, an “agent of the Illuminati.”

“Bob Baer is working with the New World Order and their fake news allies, like CNN, to deceive the American public,” said Jones on his show “Infowars.” “The so-called hacking was a false flag operation organized by the CIA, the Black Panthers, reptillian aliens and the Clintons.”

Last month, an Alex Jones fan attempted to shoot up a Washington, D.C. pizzeria, after he heard a story about Hillary Clinton being involved with a child sex ring. This story was heavily promoted by Jones.

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