Trump Voter Loses Faith, Says Obama Might Be Born in U.S.

Donald Trump supporters (Gage Skidmore)

By Mary Washington

As President Donald Trump’s ratings continue to plunge and he stumbles from one crisis to another, even his supporters are beginning to turn on him.

The Business Standard News talked to a Trump fan who was so frustrated she stopped wearing the Make America Great Again hat.

“I’ve stuffed all the campaign memorabilia in the closet,” said Lila Watson of Kansas City, Mo. “You can’t trust anything he says. I’m beginning to believe Obama was actually born in this country.”

According to Raw Story, this sentiment was echoed by author Brad Thor, a Republican and guest on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“The honeymoon period is over and I’m hearing from friends of mine in Nashville that voted for him — not because they didn’t like Hillary, but because they really believed in what he could do for the nation,” said Thor. “They’re frustrated, they want him to pivot but he’s 71. He’s not going to pivot.”

MSNNBC recently ran a focus group on Trump and even his supporters called him “embarrassing.”

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