Bakker: God Has Forgiven Roy Moore, Wants Him In Senate

Jim Bakker (YouTube)

By Hamish Balfour

Televangelist Jim Bakker has offered his opinion on the Alabama senate race. According to Bakker, God has forgiven Judge Roy Moore for any past sins and wants him to win.

“God came to me last night and told me that he has forgiven Roy Moore,” said Bakker on his television show. “The Lord told me he wanted Roy in the Senate, so he can have someone who stands for Biblical values.”

Moore has been dogged by child abuse scandals. Several women have come forward and claimed he assaulted them when they were underage. However, many Alabamans were still supporting Moore in spite of the child molestations accusations. According to a CBS poll, 71 percent of Alabama Republicans believe the accusations are false.

“At least Roy Moore won’t allow fags to marry,” said John Butterworth, a Mobile, Ala., resident in an interview with the Business Standard News.

According to Right-Wing Watch, Moore has stuck to right-wing media for interviews. He recently appeared on Bryan Fischer’s American Family Association radio show. Moore used the occastion to attack his critics.

“What they’ve done to me is not only unforgivable, it’s just pure hatred, and it’s pure spite and it’s pure evil and wrong,” said Moore.

He also made anti-Semitic comments about Democratic donor George Soros.

“He (Soros) is pushing an agenda and his agenda is sexual in nature, his agenda is liberal, and not what Americans need. It’s not our American culture,” said Moore. “Soros comes from another world that I don’t identify with. I wish I could face him directly. And I’d tell him the same thing. No matter how much money he’s got, he’s still going to the same place that people who don’t recognize God and morality and accept his salvation are going.”

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