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5 Things To Do When You’re Bored

2023-12-02  Sasha Shantel


Are you tired of watching movies, socializing with friends, and eating out? Do you often find yourself feeling bored? Well, we have compiled a list of five unique and cost-effective activities that you can do to beat boredom. Trust us, this list is pretty fabulous!

1. Start Journaling 

When people see the word journaling, they often immediately get put off because they get bogged down by the fine details of it. Writing feels long-winded. Let’s face it; they’d probably pick up the mobile and offload to a girlfriend instead. However, from experience, I can honestly say that keeping a diary of your day-to-day or noting down events from your past is a cathartic process and one that can help you discover amazing things about yourself.

We live in an era where life is as fast-paced as ever, so taking time to just be with a pen and pad (or a laptop if you are tech-savvy) can really play a significant difference in how you connect with yourself. It also allows you to unearth those key events that may have upset you, or it’s a chance to relieve great moments that have gone by. 

The gem of keeping a journal is when you take time to revisit past entries from years gone by. It’s a perfect way to see how far you’ve come. Make the process more fun by investing in a pretty notebook and pen and setting up the area you choose to write in so it’s inviting and just for you to embrace this ‘ME’ time.

 2. Go to The Movies

Believe it or not, it doesn’t mean you’re a certified loner if you decide to venture to your local cinema and go and watch a movie on your own. In fact, it is actually very empowering. Nothing is worse than wanting to watch a new movie release but having to wait until weeks after it came out because you’re friends are unavailable, broke, or both! If you have the spare cash and want to show just how confident you are in your own skin, make this happen. 

Not only is it empowering, but it also means you won’t be bored in the house. You’ll watch a film on the big screen and have access to all the popcorn and ice cream you want, and no one around to guilt trip you when two scoops of that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream were more than sufficient!

3. Play Online Games

I used to love playing computer and online games like The Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon when I was younger because it was a great way to have fun, laugh endlessly, and take a step out of reality for a while. However, as I got older, it began to feel like a major waste of time, and I didn’t feel I was being a responsible young woman. So, I gave my PlayStation away and got on with being a real adult.

However, of late, to de-stress and rewind after a long day, I’ve taken a fancy to play a few online games once in a while. Not only are they fun, but they’re also very affordable. My favorite site to visit is Royal Vegas Casino, as their games are diverse and affordable and offer many incredible themes, including Jurassic World and Emoti Coins, which is my favorite. 

I’m definitely one of those people who needs to try out anything new before I fully commit or make a purchase, so why not try Royal Vegas online casino games for free or real money? You won’t regret it, and you’ll be kept occupied for hours.

4. Exercise Within The Comfort of Your Own Home

Too many of us get caught up in keeping up appearances and investing in gym memberships at fancy gyms that we just don’t need. It isn’t even wrong to suggest that all those instagram fitness videos leave you believing that you can take on the gym and tone up in a matter of days. But it is very much a work in progress, and you need to take your time to build your stamina. That’s why I enjoy exercising in the comfort of my own home if you’re able to embark on your fitness regime.

You don’t need a vast amount of money or equipment, and with there being hundreds of DVDs available online, this is definitely something that will not only benefit your body but will also keep you busy and unable to focus on being bored. I recently drafted a two-week fitness schedule consisting of both indoor and outdoor activities that I could follow. 

It was so fun planning the exercises I would be following, and ticking off my progress on a chart has given me even more of an incentive to get up and exercise in the morning. Imagining all the new clothes I can treat myself to once my body goal is met is also a major incentive. Once I started seeing the results, boredom could no longer creep in!

5. Restyle Your Wardrobe

With there being a continual influx of new fashion stores opening online and offline, it is becoming more and more tempting to go shopping for new clothing items and accessories continually. I was in this predicament recently, and it came to a head when I could no longer close my wardrobe door! I had to carry out a major clearout and really make a number of conscious decisions about what I wanted to keep. 

To make the process fun, I started to look at all the items in my wardrobe and create new looks. As a woman, it’s important that you experiment with your clothes and try them on, mix prints and textures, and challenge yourself to try something different. A quality bag and a pair of heels can completely change a look and will also help you not to go out and purchase yet another outfit when you don’t actually need it.

How much of my TOP 5 do you think you will try out? I would love to hear from you to find out what low-cost activities you do when you’re bored.

2023-12-02  Sasha Shantel