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Filthy Rich With Virtnext. Is it Realy True?

2023-12-09  BSN Team


There are many similar websites to Virtnext out there claiming to get you filthy rich in no time, and all you have to do is sign up. Unfortunately, though this is all far from the truth, the fact is that their form of advertisement is what has deemed many of the scams. By simply being upfront with the correct information without trying to exaggerate, you have more of a chance of getting real customers than future unhappy ones.

As I scanned the internet for the latest website for making money online, I discovered this one by pure accident. It is no different from the numerous websites that deal with binary options. They have focused so much on marketing that they forgot that they will be dealing with real people and real situations. Before you spend your time reading my article, I want to be clear about one thing: I will not tell you whether you should or you shouldn’t consider this website to trade your binary options. I will, however, give you some insight into some of the details on the website which you may not have noticed, as well as provide you with some real 3rd party experience to help you decide for yourself.

What is Virtnext About?

It is basically yet another binary options system that offers that you will be a millionaire by the end of the year. Of course, this is far from the truth. The problem with these binary option websites is that instead of being straightforward and direct with the facts, they try and exaggerate what you will make and how you will succeed. In turn, this results in a LOT of disappointment. In reality, unless you invest over $1,000, you cannot make it that big that quickly, even if you win every single bid, and that is impossible. There is a risk, and everyone should be well aware of that in order to understand binary options and avoid feeling scammed.

What happens is there is a LOT of competition with these binary options systems, which means that they have to do a lot more marketing and lying to attract investors. You can’t blame them. A new binary options website becomes available nearly every single day. The more they scream you will make money, the more they will stand out among the competition.

So, what this system offers is high-speed access to binary option trades. You sign up for their system for free and have access to trade a variety of binary options through their recommended broker. You have to go through their broker, as that is how they make money. Obviously, they have to make money somehow, so I think that is reasonable enough. If you have researched their broker and like their system, I see nothing wrong. The key is to make sure that you are aware of the risks.

What Stands Out?

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, for websites like these to actually get attention, they have to use some rather shady tactics. This is common even with the most legitimate binary options software, so aside from pointing these tactics out, I want to note also that this does not necessarily mean that the software or the website is a scam. It simply means that they are fighting alongside the competition. The important thing is for you to know, to be aware, and always to keep that in mind.

The first thing you see is their promotional video that makes all of these exaggerated claims. Although I am absolutely certain that there is a chance to make money with this system, I am 100% sure that the % of people actually able to have this kind of success is minimal. Binary options, regardless of how amazing of a system you have, are a risk.

This is yet another marketing scheme by these types of websites. As they are in constant competition trying to get people to sign up with them instead of the competition, they try to push you on time so as to prevent you from researching other available options. Usually, this is in the form of a counter or number of spots available, or both. Don’t worry. Take your time, read into it, research if necessary, and make a wise decision.

They have taken their time to create a depiction of how simple their system is to sign up, but in fact, it’s another way to make it all seem a lot easier than the competition. In fact, with all of the websites, it’s the exact same procedure. First, give your name and email, then provide some added information for the registration, which includes your name, password, location, email, etc. From there, you will be taken to their system and broker’s websites. Once there, you need to decide how much you want to deposit into your account so you can start. The minimum for this site, as it is with all other websites I have seen, is anywhere between 200 and 300 euros. 

The reason I am not giving you a set number is that this number may change in case they decide to work with a different broker that has a different minimum. Once you have provided your payment information and selected the amount you want to invest, you may be taken through several other steps that will try to encourage you to invest more. I recommend you don’t jump at a high investment at the get-go. Start off with the minimum to see how it goes, and then decide.

The Facebook Testimonials

I have to admit that I have fun with these simply because they try so hard to go out of their way to make themselves look popular and widely used. All, and when I say all, I mean ALL of these types of binary options websites, both legit and effective, as well as those that are scams and will just lose your money do this. Unfortunately, though, they have not caught on that people can easily check to see if these are true.

Like in this case:

Well, the first step is to search Facebook for their page, which, of course, is not available, at least not the one that they have posted on their homepage. In turn, this means that there are no posts such as these. You can’t find any of these people even in the few pages I did find made my affiliates of this website:

All of these pages were recently made, have very few people following them, and have none of the flashes of the one on the official website. Though this is really no big deal, as they are just trying to stand out among the competition, I still enjoy trying to dig further into these websites and their claims to see how far they would go. Unfortunately, their marketing department has seriously failed as they didn’t even try to change the Facebook page information provided by the website with theirs, only the image.

The few Facebook pages I did find provided little to no information and are obviously not associated with the official website, as the links they have provided for the info are not the same as the official website. Overall? Just don’t let the marketing spark catch your attention and deter it from what is important.

As with all of the other websites offering binary options software, as well as a number of other similar websites, the key is to get people to join as they make a commission for sending investors through their software to the brokers they have a contract with. In order to do this, they work with a number of writers and developers who are paid as affiliates. They do not control how these affiliates actually lure people to the website, which means there are some shady reviews making unrealistic claims and fake Facebook accounts and comments. This is just another marketing tactic that even some of your favorite online stores use to get people to visit and buy their products.

The Badges

I was quite surprised that there are badges from different websites that focus on outing scam binary options websites. In fact, one of the most trusted, Binary Options Watchdog, is also listed, and you can read their review by clicking on the badge. This is quite impressive, as very rarely have I seen them do a positive review. Now, have they sold out, or are they for real? We cannot tell for sure, but so far, they have yet to fail me with their reviews.

Virtnext in the News

I found this to be quite amusing as well. They have really put in a lot of effort in order to make the website seem way more attractive than the competition. In addition to the badges, they have also added news articles that scroll, and the headlines discuss how impressive this system is. Unfortunately, after a bit of research to confirm my initial suspicions, they are all fake and photoshopped. They are definitely stepping it up a notch, which is why they are one of the most popular binary options websites of late. Again, this is a marketing war between the different websites rather than trying to feed you fake information. Most people aren’t quite impressed with this and most likely won’t even look at it twice, but it does make the website look a lot more trustworthy, which it may be as if this means nothing really.

What Others Are Saying about Virtnext

I was actually impressed with some of the reviews and some of the comments I found about this website. Completely ignoring the paid reviews and comments, which are very easy to spot, I noticed that there is quite a following of this website. I have found some interesting comments in various forums where they discuss the amount of money made from this software, the percentages, and overall the results.

As noted above, binary options are a risk. Even the smartest and most advanced software with the latest algorithms cannot guarantee success. This is why I encourage absolutely everyone that is interested in this sort of investing to really read into binary options, research and follow the market, and jump into this with some knowledge, not blindly.

Whether this website is a scam or not, I will let you judge for yourself. I have provided you with more than enough information to decide if marketing schemes are considered a scam or merely a way to stay above water in a very competitive field, with thousands of similar websites offering more or less the same thing. All of these systems allow you to trade manually, and I am certain that losing your own money rather than a robot losing it for you will give you at least a bit of ease.

Always watch out for binary options trading regarding what software you use. There is always a risk, regardless of what the websites claim. Carefully review the Virtnext website and decide for yourself whether this is the software for you.

2023-12-09  BSN Team