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Centrument Review: The Facts and Why it Could be IT

2023-12-08  BSN Team

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when you reach the official website is, “Is Centument a SCAM?”. This is the obvious first question anyone ever has when they visit similar websites simply because they make them seem so amazing that it can’t possibly be true. In most cases, that is actually the case. Very rarely have I visited a similar website that has some very obvious problems and have come to the conclusion that it was not a scam. However, unfortunately, nearly every single binary options software website looks the same. 

The video, the actors (yes, they are always actors), the bit-over-the-top exaggerations of results, and the overall somewhat pushy kind of marketing. They all do it mainly because there are hundreds of them out there, and the competition is fierce. This is why getting real, in-depth information is absolutely necessary to determine whether the website is legitimate.

To give you an insight into what is to follow, after much research, digging, and actually testing, I have come to the conclusion that this is actually, in fact, a trustworthy trading software. I will go into further detail as to how I came to this conclusion as well as provide you with some helpful information if you decide to try it out.


What is the Centument Binary Options Software?



This is a binary options app specially developed by Centument Ltd. This is an investment company that mastermind Gerald Reed has put together. With his experience as a professional trader, he has worked with some of the biggest names on Wall Street. After realizing that he could take things to a new level, he decided to resign and start his own company, which has quickly grown.

 The software was developed after months of beta testing and monitoring of results closely to ensure that all is smoothly in autopilot to ensure the highest hit rate and, in turn, the highest possible results from trading in binary options with an average daily hit rate of 81% with peaks of up to 83%. This makes this system ideal for those who are still rather new to binary options, as they really don’t have to have any experience in trading.

Rather than making a few large trades as many of the other binary options websites do, the Centument system works by making small amounts of profit as the day goes on by making small but frequent trades in binary options. This way gives you more chances to win as well as adjust rather than risking all of your investment in one big gulp, a trading method used by some of the leading Wall Street experts.


What Advantages Can You Expect From Centument Software 

One of the biggest advantages is that you really don’t have to have previous experience with binary options or trading experience in general in order to make money with this software, as it is completely automated. The whole process of using the Centument App is very simple, and once you have signed up, you can start trading as soon as you have been assigned a binary options broker that is carefully chosen and regulated. 

You don’t have to follow the market, don’t have to make calculations, and no need to learn to study financial charts. Once you have your live trading account, you will start receiving Centument trading signals and start earning. If at any point you get stuck, you can contact someone at their 24/7 support.

Another great benefit is that you decide how much you want to place for each trade. Though the system is automated, you still have full control, something that many others do not. Even with the minimum investment required by the broker, you will still have more than enough to start trading with small bids. You can then turn your investment and its profits and grow gradually.


How Did I Come to The Conclusion That The Centument LTD System is NOT a Scam?



Considering the amount of scams out there and the numerous paid articles, I can understand that it’s hard to trust anything these days. This is why I want to put it all down in straight text and let you decide for yourself. The first thing is that unlike many of the other software on the market, this one actually provides a lot more information about the software itself, how it works, and is straightforward with the process. There are some common marketing tactics they used that can be found on other websites, but nothing extreme. 

I have checked through numerous websites, forums, and discussions where people looking for legitimate binary options share information, and I was actually surprised by how many stood by the system and recommended it. Of course, few were the millionaires they are talking about on the website, but let’s be realistic: for that to happen, you have to invest a lot more than the minimum, or else it will take time, quite a bit of time. The fact is, it works, and people really are making money with it.

Another place that I regularly go to find out if a binary options website is several of the trusted review websites that reveal scams such as get-rich-quick schemes and binary options. All of the 4 trusted websites that have yet to fail me have not only had positive reviews written on the product, but also the comments and discussion about it confirm these claims. So, what did we do? Invested the minimum, of course!

We came up with the following: on the very first day, our trader account actually had already started making profits by means of $25 trades. Of the trades from that day, we had 15 wins and only 3 losing trades. The second day, it was repeated, only it was 17 wins and 4 losses. More or less over the course of 3 days, the average was more or less the same. Though we didn’t become millionaires overnight, we at least got our initial investment back. Here, I want to note that regardless of how flawless the system is, never invest money you cannot afford to lose, as the market sometimes fluctuates in ways that even these systems cannot pick up.


Getting Started with the Centument Software


It is All Actually Very Simple:

1st – Visit the official website and enter your email address. It is important you use an active email address that you have access to and one that you have never used for signing up for another binary options system.

2nd – Find the button that says “Start Making Money Now!” and click on it. This will take you to the registration page, where you will provide some more information.

3rd – Once you have registered, you will be taken to the software. Before you can start trading, you need to deposit at least the minimum required by the broker, which is $250.

It’s as simple as that. Once you have signed up, Centument Trading software will do the rest. Once your deposit is set up, you start making money, at first, slowly but surely.


All in All? There really is an average 81% win rate with the Centument system, and it is not based only on what the website advertises but also on what real people have shared and what we have found in our experience. I really hope my Centument App review has helped you decide whether this is the right system for you.

2023-12-08  BSN Team