Chris Christie Suggests Teachers Get Minimum Wage Plus Bonuses

Chris Christie (Bob Jagendorf)
Chris Christie (Bob Jagendorf)

By Vernon Elliott

Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has called for a reduction in teachers’ wages.

“Teachers are paid too much, that’s what’s bankrupting the system,” Christie said. “Some teachers make six-figure salaries and that’s not including retirement benefits.”

However, the teachers’ union points out only senior administrators make six figures and most of those jobs require doctorates. Most teachers make mid-level salaries.

Christie suggested a new teacher pay structure. He proposed teachers get paid minimum wage and a bonus for every student that passes standardized tests.

“Teacher pay should be determined by how well their students are doing,” Christie said. “They need to be held accountable. If students are failing, teachers are nothing more than glorified baby sitters.”

Republicans have long been hostile to educators who mainly vote Democratic. Recently Christie said he wanted to punch the teacher’s union in the face. And Republican presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently said that he wanted to eliminate teachers’ lounges, so they wouldn’t have a place to complain.

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  • Liz Barbato

    Are you kidding my son went to college to be a teacher it cost $240,000 .00 he will be paying for the next 20 years . It’s also up to the parents to make sure there kids do there homework, study and read everyday and take away there cell phones , I pads how could you say that about teachers they are so under paid and there work doesn’t stop when school day ends they have to go home and plan lessons and correct papers they work never ends !! I can’t believe you could even think like this . This is why I’m a democratic cause of republican like you !!!

    • kat

      where in the world did your son go??????for a teaching degree???????????

    • JB

      If your son spent 240k to become a teacher, he should have stayed awake more in high school econ, terrible terrible decision. And correction, he will never pay off his student loans, ever.
      P.S. this is a satire website. Go look up what that means.

    • Donna

      I think you should get paid minimum wage plus bonuses!!!! I just love politicians…. You should also get paid according to YOUR record. If u are failing, then you are nothing more than a glorified pimp! Shame on you and other politicians like you! Smdh!

    • Erv

      Liz. Sounds like your kid went to the wrong too expensive college

      • Get over yourself

        Erv. You are a troll

        • ChrisnotChristie

          I think the only troll is Liz. Honestly, how can she not know the difference between there and their and her punctuation is atrocious. I can’t imagine her post is anything but fuel for the us vs. them arguments that I’ve seen more of. I hate the ramping up of an election year because of this kind of nonsense. Identifying yourself as a dem just seems like you are trying to fan the flames. $240k for your son’s degree? I hope he plans on going into school administration where he has a chance at making 6 figures.

          • Laura J

            I have been in administration for over a decade with 2 Master’s degrees and 27 years in education. I took a $5 per hour pay cut when I entered administration and am just now beginning to make the hourly rate I did as a teacher. I am nowhere close to making 6 figures in spite of working 12 hour days most days of the week. Many states have much lower pay than the northeast.

      • Jorjanna Robinson

        Same with my daughter Liz, and they should be able to attend the college of their choice. My daughter went to a private Christian college because she was more interested in learning instead of partying. I was actually thinking of voting for him if he got the nomination. My daughter specialized in Special Ed. I wonder how many of her kids could pass a standardized test? Probably none because of their learning disabilities, but she does her best to teach them on a level where they can learn. I for one will never vote for him.

        • Michael

          Kids in special education classes are not counted against standardized testing statistics.

          • Kerry

            I teach in Florida and ALL kids count for my standardized test scores. And most of the rest of my kids barely have what I’d consider “parents.”

          • Sherri

            Michael: I am not sure what state you are from, but in Florida special education students do count. I am a special education teacher and my students count toward school grades and my pay. Years ago that might have been true but that is not so anymore. Even the most severely handicapped have a set of standardized tests they are expected to take and pass.

          • Lauren

            Wrong! Special Ed kids take the tests because they have to and yes they count. It’s ridiculous and their scores on grade level tests count towards the teachers’ evaluation scores.

          • Lana

            Think again! Yes they do! That’s how little the public knows about testing….

          • Laura J

            Unfortunately, yes they are!

          • Samantha

            Their scores most certainly do count. Students in special education are a subgroup and their scores count. Even students who have only been in this country for a year counts, regardless of their level of English. Some states wait two years. Still not enough.

          • Suepon

            ESE students are held to the same standard as any other child. They are held back as well.

          • Special Ed Teacher

            You are mistaken with that. Special education students do take the standardized tests and are counted in a teacher’s percentage of passing students.

          • Susan

            Unless the student is on the special diploma track their scores count in Florida.

        • Nicole

          I taught special education for 10 years and less than 10% of my students passed state tests. By definition students with special needs cannot be achieving at grade level to qualify for services. Politicians would like to vilify teachers in order to distract from other issues that they cannot solve.

          Unfortunately, I agree that college students should really consider how much they spend on college with the pay scales of their chosen career (unless you are independently wealthy). A teacher paying 10% of a $40,000 a year salary would pay off $4000 a year for 60 years without interest. College is too expensive, and 18 years cannot imagine what a lifetime of debt is like. In Illinois, special education majors can attend public universities for free with a 5 year commitment to teaching in the state.

        • Betty Stephens

          People who say this about teachers have never been in a classroom. Lets level the field and only give politicians minimum wage and cut the benefits we pay for. They can pay their own insurance and other benefits.

      • Lord Lard is a dope

        Erv your English is atrocious. Maybe you should have listened to your teachers during their lessons!

    • Amy

      Really? You can’t even use their/there correctly! Your teacher would not have made any money off of you for passing the standardized test… LOL

    • Jen

      Parents taught this kid a “valuable” lesson in “return on investment”

      Not saying I agree with the article but you know the starting wages of teachers and how long it takes them to get to the mid-salary range…

      • Louise

        So if everyone decided on their choice of career based on “return on investment”, just how many teachers do you suppose we’d have?…………….NONE!!!!! And that’s because teachers don’t make a whole heck of a lot of money. People choose to become teachers for many other reasons than salary. The point being: if we want good, qualified, dedicated, caring, smart teachers, we MUST pay for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They, too, must pay back student loans, support themselves and their families, pay their taxes, etc…. Let’s face it, “you get what you pay for.” If you offer a “moronic” salary, you’ll get morons applying for the job and the end result will be morons for students!

        • Jim Richardson

          The morons could always run for public office.

          • Charlie Yontz

            Jim Richardson

            “The morons could always run for public office.”

            They are, they have, and they are BREEDING!
            Scary isn’t it?

    • My mother taught for 30 years in public schools, so I think this is total garbage. A society that spends hundreds of millions to entertainers for playing a game and pays the people largely responsible for the future of its children minimum wage gets what it deserves. At the university I graduated from, often the teaching program was largely made up of people who couldn’t cut it in business programs, because of the terrible pay. Also though, If he’s in 240k of debt to teach and doesn’t have a PhD, another university choice would’ve been a good idea unless your area pays MUCH more than mine to its teachers

    • Mark

      Liz, I wish your kid would teach you the difference in there their and they’re. But just stay an ignorant dem.

      • Sandra Norman

        Where are your commas? It’s teach you the difference between……………………..

      • JJ

        Your grammar isn’t exactly stellar. Ever heard of punctuation?

      • Dora HergradeisanA

        Mark, someone needs to teach you to use commas. It should have been written there, their, and they’re.

      • Cletus Redneck

        Haha, this coming from the person who started a sentence (fragment) with “But”. Have you heard about glass houses and stones?

      • From everything I’ve read about American politics, I’m pretty sure it’s the Republicans who are ignorant and have no empathy for others. I worked minimum wage jobs in high school and am now a teacher. If I was paid the same as I did when I flipped burgers at 16, I wouldn’t plan lessons, I wouldn’t give a shit about grading papers or differentiating my classes to make sure that everyone has a chance to learn. I wouldn’t continually be shopping for things to use in my classroom which have not been supplied by the school (toys, organizers, books, markers, folders, etc.) The education system in the US will absolutely get worse if this is the system they try to implement and to be completely honest, it can’t afford to!

      • Dave Zuckerman

        Mark, you are critical bonehead!

      • MT

        “The difference in there their and they’re”

        Perhaps you meant to write “the difference between there, their, and they’re.”

        Who’s the ignorant one now?

      • The Kid

        Put some commas in that fragment.

    • *They’re

    • Notatroll justright

      Seriously? If your son went to college to become a teacher and spent $240K, then he is not very smart, and he is precisely they type of teacher that should be fired. It is not fair to parents who have to pay the salary of an incompetent teacher like your son, while other new teachers who could do third grade math and calculate Return On Investment are denied jobs.

      I get it, you love your son, and I’m sure he is a very hard worker – but he just isn’t smart enough to be employed. You don’t spend $240K on a degree that pays so little, when you could get the same job with a degree from his state school, or a community college.

      Obviously, your son isn’t very bright, and you failed him as a parent when he was selecting his college and degree. I didn’t agree with Christie, until I read your comment – But your son makes Christie’s point for him. Not smart enough to do third grade math, but he wants to make $100k a year? Yeah, I guess it does make sense to pay him min wage and get the rest in bonuses. At least that way he could prove he is not as stupid as you have described him in your comment.

    • Dave

      Not to bright to spend $240k for a teaching degree.

    • Kathie Tietze

      What teacher worth his/her salt taught you the difference between there, their, they’re? You didn’t learn it, because in your case, you used “there”( which indicates a direction) four times when you should have used “their” which is possessive….their kids, their cell phones, their work, their work. And, “everyday” used here would be an adjective. You should have said every day, two separate words. It’s too tiresome to go into your run-on sentence to point out incorrect and omitted punctuation. Finally, you are a democratic “what”? You are a democrat. It may be the democratic party, but the members are democrats. You do get points, however, for using “it’s” correctly.

      • I guess your self righteousness makes you feel awesome, but it makes you look like a mean spirited, sanctimonious part of a big American problem.

      • Nick Mitchell

        I was taught to never begin a sentence with And.

    • It is a site called BS news, clearly a parody, he never said anything like this. How gullible do you have to be to argue with a parody?

      • Teacher in Florida

        While it may be satire, it is based on fact. Governor Christie’s overall attitude toward teachers is negative. This article is a reflection of comments he has made previously. So, some may have taken it literally while others took it for what it was, a satirical article based on a politician’s history of disrespect for the teaching profession.

    • William Smith

      I think we need to get rid of overweight politicians the are quick to criticize but could not teach a dog to roll over. I dare say that Governor Christie got to the position he has because he can read and write. I would also guess he didn’t teach himself. Teachers and other educators are easy targets. We deal with everyone the general public gets to hide from. Unlike our ultra conservative politicians teachers don’t get rich off the backs of poor children and parents.

    • Daisy

      Liz, The correct word is their NOT there kids. Jus saying

      • Daisy

        Oops, Just saying.

    • Bill Thomas

      How about Governors get paid what their true worth is: $.NOTHING!

    • NYer

      Why would you let your son spend over $200,000 on a BS in Education? He will never be able to pay that back. That loan has to be costing him $2,000 per month to repay.

    • EJ

      Not sure why your son paid that much to become a teacher. He could have done it for much less. Maybe he should have thought of that before he went into a profession that may not allow him to repay that in his lifetime. A teaching degree is the same regardless of where it comes from.

  • Linda Schroeder

    Several points:
    1. Who will be attracted to the teaching profession?
    2. Incentives for furthering education?
    3. Special education?
    4. Music, phys ed, foreign language, home economics, etc. teachers?
    5. What would the attraction be for teachers to teach in inner city and/or less advantaged schools?
    6. Until most teachers put in many years, and move up on the scales due to advancing their education, most earn much less per hour than others in different fields with the same level of education.

    If you want glorified babysitters, fine. That is what you will get. Let’s watch the level of education plummet compared to other countries—-something which may already be happening….given the interference by those NOT in the field of education. Like Christie.

    • Completely agree, Linda! With a master’s degree, my mother made less after 30 years than I made bartending before finishing school. While there are numerous reasons for our falling rankings in the world in education, I think one of the core roots of the problem is that it’s almost foolish for our best and brightest to amass a mountain of debt to be paid a salary that they’ll starve on before paying off their tuition debts. Outside of those who teach for the pure desire to make a change or love of the children, our education system will be limited to the ‘also rans’ of our higher education system.

  • He certainly has lost my vote! He also needs to get his facts straight!!

  • rz

    Christie is a complete MORON.. Not everyone tests well.. It’s documented in just about every psychological journal/study ever conducted/written on the topic. In fact there is a college now dedicated to students who are smart but don’t test well.. In every College or University there is a disabilities program dedicated to helping students who don’t test well and allow them extra time for that very same reason. I personally know a teacher whom had a student that did horribly on these tests. The teacher was not blame; she worked hard all year round and gave up any free time to help him. However, at home he wasn’t doing his homework, and his parents didn’t seem to care despite the countless one on one meetings and notes sent home. How could you determine a teachers salary based on these circumstances. When they barely make enough to stay above the poverty line. Lets think about it, some teachers barely make $30k before taxes. The average 1 bedroom apartment goes for $1k or more. Lets add all living expenses, and school supplies they have to pay for out of pocket. What do you get? A person in extreme debt just to survive but continues on teaching because it’s what they love to do. Luckily the aforementioned teacher will be moving to Boston. A city that cares about teachers, education, and students. I truly feel sorry for the citizens of N.J. under Christie’s “Regime”. Somebody should cut his 6 figure salary. What a tool!!

    • NYScienceTeacher

      rz, I don’t know where you’re from but this is the boat us teachers are in currently under the Cuomo administration in NY State. It’s wretched. Our jobs are on the line based on how our students perform on state tests that are proven to be invalid for the grade levels they are administered for. Christie’s not the only ignorant soul in the country 🙁

  • Jill

    So, those of us who choose to lovingly teach the lower level kids, some disabled, some simply struggling students, whose students will never pass those standardized tests, should get paid minimum wage? We can spend our evenings working on lesson plans and SGO’s and other beauracratic madness, but we should get minimum wage? Governor Christi, you know not of what you speak. You have no idea what really happens in a public school classroom, and you have no idea how hard teachers actually work. But I’m sure you have a pension all lined up that will be 6 figures, yet you want to take away my pension for which I have worked 24 years.

  • Ei

    Teachers don’t make close to what they should. How about all the supplies they buy out of their own money. Shame on you Mr. Christie. You have no clue!

  • Jennifer Barnes

    I take home $2800 a month. I’m a single mom with two kids. Rent or mortgage were talking at least $1500 a month. Gas bill $150, electric $150, phone $100, car payment $325, car insurance $150, student loan $100, then you have gas, food, etc. add that up! Tell me how I’m supposed to live making less money. If you want to pay me less then stop charging so much for everything else. Ignorance truly is bliss, I guess.

    • David Elliott

      $2325……you are in trouble and should consider another occupation. 🙁

      • David Elliott

        $2475 this time….I should use a calculator!

  • Jack

    Maybe we should pay Gov. Christie by how well the state is doing fair is fair

    • Ruth

      You people do know this is not a real publication or article right? Ever hear of satire?

    • David Elliott

      No doubt Christy gets his health insurance paid for the rest of his life as a benefit for serving… Oklahoma the teachers only get raises when the health insurance goes up and the state needs more money to pay for the insurance benefits those that serve and have served are receiving….teachers salary state income taxes pays for the insurance premiums for those free loaders.

  • Madeline Dimario

    So if I get assigned the “honors” class, I am assured a higher rate of pay. How ridiculous is that theory? Mr. Christie, as a public employee of the state prosecutor’s office, were you paid on the number of convictions? Additionally, what about your team of lawyers? Did their rate of pay reflect what they did to allow you to win?
    It’s one thing to penalize an ineffectual employee; it is entirely reprehensible to paint all public employees with the same brush. Sometimes, one must assess what one has done for the progress of the clients. How to do rate?
    Madeline DiMario, former NJ educator

  • Theresa

    He is getting exactly what he deserves in the Polls……nothing! He will go down as one of the worst governors in NJ history.

  • Nicole

    Let’s start with a fact. Without teachers there would be no room for a human to advance in a professional field because they would not have the appropriate education to do so. Aside from educating children, teachers also help their students with emotional issues, family problems, mental disorders, and learning how to build the skills necessary to grow socially. I’m just an art teacher, so according to a Christie I probably don’t know much and work the least, but I can tell you one thing- I work so hard that I come home exhausted and go to bed by 8:30. I wake up at 4:30 to watch my students an hour before school starts. I come into my classroom mid August to start setting up and cleaning (unpaid). I spend my own money to provide my students with supplies that aren’t covered in my budget. I’m there for my students when they need guidance. I teach my students about every subject out there along with the arts. I went back and got a MA degree to better myself for my profession.

    What would this state or country gain from cutting teacher’s salaries? You will get low-grade, uneducated individuals teaching our youth and preparing them for a professional future. Again, I am just a teacher, so what do I know, but I would assume that would lead to an economic crisis-one worse than we have ever seen. Teachers deserve to be paid well for their hard work. I can tell you what we can do without though- these stupid SGOs and effective teacher status. How about going to the source-parents. How about sitting in on classes to give teachers suggestions and guidance rather than grading them? I can say so much but when you have an uneducated, greedy, bullshitter running the state what can you expect! How about paying my student loans that are close to 100,000 dollars because I went to school for 7.5 years to do something I absolutely love? Stupid. You are one of the reasons why NJ struggles.


    Oh my God!!!! His kids should run as far away as they can when they are old enough to support themselves. He needs to disappear very quietly and live in his own little world. He is by far the biggest piece of SHIT running around our streets.

  • Kevin

    ill be a glorified babysitter. I’ll take $7/hr for 6 hours a day from each parent. Let’s see. That’s 42/day* 25 parents=1,050/day. * 5 days= 5250/week*40weeks=210,000. I’ll take that over my teacher salary now. Let’s do it!

  • Sarah K

    Okay, fine, but only if the governor and politicians in the state are also paid minimum wage plus bonuses for how well the state is doing…

  • Most teachers are not over-paid at all, since in many parts of the country, all that money they are being paid goes back into course materials, which should be paid for by the freakin’ Educational system. If we’re to reduce anyone’s pay, let’s reduce the salaries of the Senators, Governors, Mayors, and other heads of government. They’re the ones sitting pretty and looking out for their own financial interests, while collecting a heavy paycheck, and spending the crap out of their expense accounts given to their job’s position. Too many corrupt politicians looking to get into office, just to milk the system, while not correcting all the injustices affecting the way of life for eveyone else that’s busting their butts 35-65 hours a week, if not more. Also a standardized test is laughable, it’s not teaching a student to learn anything, so much is remember answers. What’s the point of passing a student if they’re going to stumble in the next grade. Allow teachers to actually teach, not force kids to learn how to pass a test. Stop trying to drill and brainwash students, and start learning to motivate and entice them to learn for freakin’ Future’s sake!

  • Katie

    Lol!! I DO make minimum wage you lunatic. I work full time teaching preschool in MA and I take home under 22k/year. Don’t joke that it’s glorified babysitting because my students are little, I plan/execute curriculum handed in to my boss monthly, I have to write out progress reports three times a year and meet with parents. I work with the local public schools to give them evaluations for kindergarten readiness. In addition to teaching them to poop in a toilet and eat properly in a group setting. 25 students, mixed age from 2.9 to 5. I make 9.50 an hour. I’m on food stamps and state healthcare and I’m on the stupid section 8 waiting list because I’m sick to death of living with a room mate and sharing a bedroom with my own 5 y.o. to make ends meet. I went to college, I did everything I was supposed to. Now McDonalds managers make more than I do.

    If you people want better results, learn to give a shit about the people teaching your kids. If you pay us like burger-flippers, should we care about your kids the way a teenager burger flipper cares about your food?? C’mon now.

  • GKurilla

    Sounds good to me ! Pay me per kid for babysitting and the salary would be awesome!

  • Jess

    Christie makes $175,000 in money he claims. Now who’s the real overpaid loser?

  • Jean Doyle

    If teachers with failing students should get minimum wage what would should pay a governor of a failing state?

  • Annie

    hey gov!

    Now that is quite the political platform!

    Teachers are now being paid minimum wage if you would really look at all the hours they work!

    In addition to hours after the school day and on weekends, summer time affords the freedom to creatively plan for the year ahead!

    A teacher I know just put in several days (summer time) and lots of$ to ready her room!

    Another I know has taken computer courses to learn the latest to help her special needs students!

    I myself have spent countless summer hours writing college letters and e mailing my former ( I am retired) students and parents about colleges selections
    And the process of applying to higher education!

    Your true self is showing!! Why don’t we pay you minimum wage and have you pay for your own security detail until NJ has a better bond rating!

  • Christine

    As a teacher, I’ll gladly take babysitters’ wages. At $7 per student times 121 students I see per day, that’s $847 a day. That comes out to $169,000 per year (not counting my masters plus) Sold! I’ll tell you what. At that price, I’ll do lesson plans, SGOS ands grade essays at no extra charge. Thank you Governor Christie.

  • Lakresha Hodge

    Maybe Governors should be paid a minimum wage and bonuses based on actually helping the people who they were sworn in to service.

  • Lar

    Poe’s law holds true.

    You’d think “Recently Christie said he wanted to punch the teacher’s union in the face.” would be a clue to people that this is satire.

  • HMM let’s see…..I assume he will only pay for “contact Hours” so 8-2:50 (minus 40 min lunch) @minimum wage with no benefits might qualify me for food stamps, public housing and medicaid…….Might be worth it!


  • engteach214

    I assume he will only pay for contact hours minus lunch. So 7 hrs a day at minimum wage would qualify me for food stamps, public housing and medicaid. It might be worth it. {sarcasm}

  • Jack Rodgers

    This Incompetent Bastard deserves to be in Jail.Meanwhile four of the top five schools in the COUNTRY are in New Jersey that goes directly to the teachers.Meanwhile N.J. is in the bottom five in every economic indicator in the COUNTRY.Now I ask you who deserves their pay.Fuck him!

  • anne seymour

    Chris Christie has lost his mind. Why do so many male republican politicians take such pleasure in criticizing a female dominated profession. Oh never mind, I just answered my own question.

  • Angie

    As an administrator, who makes no where near six figures, I see teachers who come in at 7 (school begins at 8) and stay until 4:30 or 5 (school ends at 3) preparing for the next day. I see teachers who seek guidance from other teachers to help a struggling student. I see teachers who are nervous about testing because regardless of what is said, they feel the “number” is in effect their sense of worth as an educator. I see teachers bracing for the next change coming down (which is every year) and then struggling to meet an unfunded requirement set by the government (NCLB, RTI). I see teachers who have tears in their eyes when a child has no family structure to support success. I see teachers who skip lunch so they can help a student. I see teachers who spend their own money to purchase not only school supplies, but clothing, shoes, and even food for students. I see teachers who work during the summer, off the clock, to prepare for the next year. In short, Mr. Christie, I see teachers everyday who earn every cent of the money they make and who deserve much more…and I see clearly the agenda you have. Despite your agenda of exploiting our teachers as the enemy, they are in fact the backbone of our society. I challenge you to really see teachers as they are by coming to our school for one week, but then again, that is your point…you don’t want to see.


    I am somewhat disheartened by commenters’ efforts to take this incendiary political fart seriously. Hey, Chris- EFF YOU.

  • Alyson David

    Ok so let me get this straight….are you willing to pay for the ACTUAL hours a teachers works….because let me tell you, in my district it goes way beyond the 7:45-3:05 I spend in the classroom. I spend countless hours after 3:05 grading test, writing lesson plans, preparing for upcoming lesson . Oh let’s not forget those nights we are required to be at those open house that typically start at 5:30 and last until sometimes 7:30-8:00. Oh did I forget to mention the weekends I spend in my classroom? Yeah I do that too. So in an average week, I’m at school, doing job related things from 7 am until sometimes 6-7 pm at night. And those weekends, that’s an additional 3-4 hours. Do I get paid “overtime” like any other job in the country for putting in beyond 40 hours? Uh, no! And let us not forget about the money we spend from our own pockets to buy stuff to make our classrooms a “conducive learning environment.” Oh, and the countless school supplies we buy because our students come to school with little or nothing. Add to that the hours we spend on the phone with parents, at the expense of our families, I might add…do we get paid for that? Mr. Christie, you try teaching for one year and see if you can handle the daily grind and stress. I guarentee you wouldn’t last a month. Teaching is a profession that is already one of the most disrespectful professions there is and one that is losing ground quickly with young people. What will you do when teachers retire and there is no one to fill these positions, Mr. Christie? Did you forget that you owe your own knowledge to TEACHERS? Would you be where you are if it weren’t for TEACHERS? I take home $2000 a month. I have a family of 4. If it were not for my husband’s monthly contributions, we’d qualify for welfare. I think, Mr. Christie, you need to rethink your logic! Every other profession in our country could not exist if not for TEACHERS!

  • Anne

    I wonder what my salary would be at minimu wage times all the hours I work. Hmmm. Is that minimum wage per child?

  • Annette

    His disrespect for people who dedicate their life to our country’s most valuable resource is disappointing.

  • How much do you make Mr. Christie? You don’t even deserve minimum wage you idiot!

  • MARK

    You people realize this is a Satire news site. The internet is full of satire news sites that look pretty convincing.

  • Angel

    I guess I wouldn’t be getting a bonus if he was one of my students…

    Definitely uneducated in the profession of teaching!

  • IN defense of Chris Christie, he’s an idiot!

  • Anita

    Just what is wrong with you?

  • Amy

    This is not a real site!!! Morons!

  • I dare Governor Christie to spend a week shadowing a teacher. I would bet he would change his mind. Also I dare him to live a year on an average teacher’s salary. Again I bet he changes his rhetoric. So sad when people in public office are so uninformed. I certainly will not vote for him.

    • David Elliott

      Had Christy been in education he would have been a superintendent and made 6 figures, not a poor teacher, and probably not been a good teacher either, and not any better superintendent than he is governor….just guessing.

  • cdm7906

    According to this philosophy, politicians should get waitress pay and have to split their tips! I bet that would make their service to our country better!!!!!

  • Bill Vivona

    Please circulate this asshole’s proclamations……… then, everyone can see what an absolute windbag running for president looks like!

  • Bruce

    Get rid of Christies security details on trips and he could hire many more teachers

  • D.Chambers

    This man has loss his mind. A teacher has touched every person’s life in some kind of way. It shows that he had a hard time in school and still failing, in life. I will not vote for him and so will the hundreds thousands of teachers. He can go head continue to get his welfare check from the government. It’s the people who pay your salary stupid !

  • If this is the way Christie thinks, then let’s start fining parents when their child does not turn in their homework. If they fail to come to a PTO meeting, they have to volunteer in the classroom to make up for it, even if they lose work because of it. Finally, for every five times they don’t sing their child’s planner, a police officer pays a visit. 🙂
    Teachers are not babysitters, which is how every person in America who no longer has children at home feels. I’m tired of these old people with no education experience making reteric and policy decisions on something they know nothing about. It takes a village to raise a child. Their success is not because of one person.

  • wsautter123

    This bum should be charged with “theft of services” when he goes to collect his pay!

  • It is unfortunate that politicians are going after the messengers, the teachers. Teachers do not have power over the PARENTS that need to be a major factor in their students’ lives. Uninvolved parents show apathy towards education. Maybe we should out a cap on professional athletes salaries; seems they were educated by teachers. Believe it or not, most of us do not teach for the money, even if my school division has not had a pay increase one many years. So glad I moved out of the Garden State!

    • David Elliott

      You are spot on….most teachers that are good at what they do will work for minimum wage because they are there to make a difference and they do an outstanding job at that.

  • Cheryl

    My daughter Taught Math and Science for the last 7 years at a Title 1 school. Students were mostly low income, Hispanic and Marshalese. Many spoke little if any English and her many of her 5th grade students could only read at a 2nd grade level. Half her class were learning disabled. So how does she teach 5th grade math to kids that can’t even read the problems? Then she spends tons of extra hours on the bureaucratic crap required and many more every night and weekends doing all the stuff there is no time for in school (planning lessons, grading tests and homework, etc. She hardly gets time to just TEACH, especially when kids are constantly being pulled from class. Then there’s the hundreds to thousands of dollars she spends for supplies the kids need but can’t supply and the school has no money for. And now you want to cut her salary. You obviously don’t have a clue! I think you need to learn more about the good teachers who already sacrifice too much and receive too little in return.

    • Barb Rockow

      I retired last year after teaching for 41 years. My yearly salary when I retired was $57,000. I am proud of the fact that I have taught hundreds of first graders to read. I am personally insulted by his comments and I know all of the teachers who give 110% of themselves daily would like to invite Gov. Christi into their classrooms for one day. I am positive that if I would have been paid minimum wage for all of the EXTRA hours I put in I would not have to worry about the almost $1,000 health premiums I pay monthly for my husband and myself. The bottom line is that I know that I have given more to society than Gov. Christi.

  • David Elliott

    The paper work has increased ten fold the last 40 years, add staff development, extra duty, substituting for other teachers on their plans, and teaching to IEP’s. It’s very difficult to keep up to lesson plans that are computer based as well as no books but laptops in every classroom and smart boards instead of chalk boards! It’s a difficult undertaking…..

  • Kayla

    Maybe if we cut politicians wages to minimum wage and gave them bonuses for every bill that changes this country for the better, boosts the economy, makes medical insurance more affordable and medical services more available, etc. this country wouldn’t be so bankrupt. I would be very interested to know what he is making annually and see if he can support himself (much less an entire family) on a teacher’s wages.

  • Shannon Wood

    Boy, talk about fellows who haven’t a clue about education and kids…scary. Bet they have rarely ever been in a classroom for any length of time. Very shallow and uninformed perception of the real story…

  • Michelle Wilczak

    How ignorant can I person be? What is bankrupting the system are the salaries and benefits of our lustrious government! I am an educator with a master’ s degree who makes $51,000 and works 55 hours a week. Before a person starts criticizing me and what I do…. Walk a week in my shoes…. I challenge you.

  • Fact Checker

    This is an article on a website that makes up stories to parody the news. None of this is true. You guys obviously have strong opinions about this, but please do not circulate misinformation, as it is damaging to the truth. Your opinion of a candidate should be based on fact and not made up stories from the internet. Next time, fact check something before going off half-cocked.

  • Mary

    Maybe Christie needs to be paid minimum wage as governor or better yet as president?

  • Gertrude Pezney

    CHERYL is on the right track. Both teachers, we raised our kids in a nice neighborhood, 1 block from the school. All the teachers at that school walked to school, arriving 5 minutes before their students. Throughout any given month, the PTA showed their appreciation by providing extra teaching materials, luncheons, media attention for every activity, pretty teachers’ lounge and restrooms, extra help with paperwork, through a volunteer program. etc. If they chose to stay at school later than the required time, it was an easy stroll a block or two to their homes, through that safe neighborhood. Because the facility and furniture were newer and kept nicer, they could have nice fingernail polish and wear pretty clothes. Their students all had 2 loving, doting parents who provided their children with a wide variety of experiences, traveling the world, visiting fascinating places.. It was a given that all the youngsters would attend college regardless of the cost, and there was never any question whether the students would always do their homework and do their very best. Kindergarten kids could read before they every started school. If a child wasn’t making at least B’s, there’d be many parent-teacher conferences. I taught on the OTHER side of town. I had to drop my kids off at a babysitter across the street from my house so I could get to school 45 minutes before my students, because at Title 1 schools, breakfast is provided, but that does not include someone to babysit the kids while they eat that breakfast That was the teachers’ job. Gratis, of course. The furniture and building were NOT new and nice. They were splintered and dirty, unless the teacher spent extra time cleaning. If there were extra materials, the teacher bought them. There was no PTA, really. The teachers had to attend every monthly meeting, all right, but only 4 or 5 parents were ever there .We teachers OFTEN stayed an hour or two later than the records showed, and that was not a great idea in that neighborhood. It wasn’t safe. Most of the kids came from single-parent homes, and that single parent might very likely be an alcoholic. Nobody at home cared whether the kid did any homework ever.(I will say, however, that many of the parents DID care, but they were working long, hard hours to support their kids and couldn’t be in the home during homework time.) Many kindergarten students weren’t even potty-trained yet. By the time the kids started second grade, they were already a year behind, because the first grade teachers had so much to teach before their students were even ready to look at words on a page. You can’t hold back entire classes, so of course the top 75%, at least, were passed along. It was not a given that the students would even finish high school, never mind consider college. The types of experiences my students had were not conducive to education, certainly. Mostly television. Naturally, when state test results were published, the public was outraged at what horrible teachers there were at MY school and “Why can’t you teach as well as the ones on the OTHER side of town, you lazy people?” Christie, you are a jerk. A blind jerk.

  • Momof07

    Is he too stupid to realize that not one person in their right minds then would consider becoming a teacher. Talk about the down-fall of America!!!! I say Chris Christie should get minimum wage until he is able to govern with a brain. He clearly did not think this idiotic thought through before it slipped out of his mouth!

  • Philip Parker

    Chris Christie is an IDIOT! He is so out of touch with reality that he does not even know what is going on around him much less in the nation! He is just a out of control IDIOT! Trump makes much more sense than this IDIOT!

  • Amy

    Chris Christie is a complete idiot. Maybe he should get paid minimum wage and a bonus for every person who he gets off welfare or creates a job for. WTH. Teachers are the most important force in our children’s lives next to their parents. Standardized tests are an incredibly stupid way to determine whether or not a teacher is doing his or her job.

  • Mark is correct in his post above. This is a satire news site and the article is not true. People, all of us, need to do a little research when we read something that appears to be out of the norm, such as this article. It’s fake people but unfortunately very few do any research and believe whatever they read.

  • Emmery

    They really need to target the cost issue by removing pay increases for things like extra courses/education levels of teachers. Pay them according to a “class level” of their students. Here in Canada, some teachers make 6 figures because they have several degrees and build up a paycheque piecemeal by attending extra courses every year…this extra education may not even apply to the courses they teach and also don’t increase their teaching ability. Its like, I read a book or I passed another me more for the same work I’m doing. There should also be a mechanism in place that determines if poor student passing is relative to the teacher or other outside influences. Perhaps a comparative measurement between teachers for the same demographic area of students. Unfortunately, unions will not let employers claw back anything they gave away in the past. This reduces the flexibility of negotiating contracts on the basis of 2 steps forward and 1 step back = 1 step forward. Mediators should force unions into this flexibility…would be best for all.

  • Jeanne

    I suggest instead of teachers, who actually earn their salaries four times over, our “illustrious ” governor receive minimum wage or get paid for the days he actually spent in the state of New Jersey!

  • Karen Hummer

    Right. Show me one person who will go to school to get their bachelor/masters degree and then work for minimum wage. Every time Christie opens his mouth about teachers he shows how ignorant he is. I have been teaching for 21 years. I made a mid-level salary (far from six figures!). I get to school an hour early to give makeup exams and tutor. I put in a least another two hours each night prepping for the next day and grading to give students timely feedback. My Sunday is generally another 2-3 hours of grading and working on the next weeks lesson plans. I average 18 unpaid hours a week (and that doesn’t even account for hours spent supporting students at sporting events, debate, etc.) I get paid for nine months out of the year and I stretch it over twelve months. Christie is an idiot.

  • Let’s just close all the schools and have all the very intelligent parents teach their children. I’m sure Christy would turn out geniuses.

  • Linda

    Politicians in general are such failures they should be getting minimum wage, along with term limits! Pot calling the kettle black. (Soot-wise, not racially…be cool!!!)

  • Deborah Molina

    I am not a teacher, but a special ed aide. And I think you need to go sit in a classroom for a day! I know that in a “regular” ed classroom the children have a better attention span and do try harder, BUT the children in those classes have learning issues as well. Teachers MUST teach to each child and not every child understands what they are being shown. A teacher doesn’t stop working when the students go home at the end of the day. They do correcting of the days work, they lesson plan, they go to training for new approaches. They attend parent teacher conferences. They pay for classroom materials and rewards for their students. So take your pay cut and try it for yourself!

  • This blog is garbage. Why don’t they make up some stories about the other party as well? Oh wait, I forgot they were all perfect angels.

  • Rick

    This is the problem with society today. Too many people fall for these completely made up internet articles. There is a reason that at the top of the page it says “BS News”….it’s not just the initials for Business Standards. Wake up sheeple. Use some common sense. This article did exactly what it’s intended. To make you think Christy is this anti-teacher without you even questioning it. Mission accomplished I’d say.

  • Austin

    Keep in mind teachers have to go to collage to and they are teaching your children very important life skills. If your so unsatisfied with your child’s then homeschool them yourself

  • lori

    Christie couldnt feed himself on minimum wage let alone his family. Pay him minimum wage for a yr and see how he does

  • Math Prof

    Let’s see. I used to be a classroom teacher. I am now a college professor working in teacher preparation. If he wants to pay me as a glorified babysitter, I would take that salary any day. Think about it. Let’s say we only pay our “babysitter” $5 per hour for each student. The average elementary teacher has about 25 students per day. So that $5 x 8 hours x 25 students x 180 days. That’s $180,000 per school year. High school teachers teach about 80-100 students per day, but only see them for about 1 hour, so they will only get paid for the one hour. That’s $5 x 1 hour x 80 students x 180 days or $5 x 1 hour x 100 x 180 days. That’s only $72,000-$90,000 per school year, which is still double what most classroom teachers make. That’s based on $5 per hour which is not even minimum wage. I’ll take that salary any day! If we paid teachers to be “babysitters” we might actually be able to recruit and retain more high quality teachers.

  • Stacey

    I’ll trade places with you for a week. You do my job and receive my pay and I’ll do yours and receive your pay. I’ll be waiting for date and time.

  • Sally Ross

    This particular story, although on a satire site, is completely believable. In particular it resonates for teachers who have been subjected in my state (North Carolina) to six years of ALEC led public vilification, loss of benefits, and doubling of responsibilities. Nothing a Republican says about teachers or education would surprise me any more. Absolutely nothing. Our legislature’s record on education has been contemptible. Its war on public education, poor people and school integration here. To see one of the most educationally progressive states in the country completely change direction and undo 30 years of progress in such a short time is heart breaking.

    • Thanking you for understanding the point of the article.

  • michael

    Maybe it’s time that politicians like Christie get minimum wage and they get paid for what they get accomplished.. There would be a lot of poor politicians in this country.. Christie is out of touch with reality.

  • Darrell

    OK, if Christy thinks teachers are baby sitters, let’s pay them like baby sitters. Let’s see, if a baby sitter gets paid $8.00 per hour per child, and a typical teacher has 25 kids in his class, and the typical school day is 7 hours long, that means that teachers should get paid 7X25X8 = $1,400 per day times an average of 20 days of school in a typical month = $28,000 per month times 9 months = $252,000 per school year. I’ll bet every teacher in the country would settle for that! Also, he talks about how teachers should be held accountable – you know who should REALLY be held accountable? STUPID FAT-ASSED POLITICIANS LIKE CHRISTY!!!!! If that happened, every politician in the country would be in jail tomorrow!

  • Zetar Jay

    From the discussion it seems that most of the people did not notice the source of the article: The Business Standard News (BS News) – a website dedicated to fake news and humor.
    Folks! THIS IS NOT REAL NEWS! It’s fake and meant to be funny! But I realize that this is so close to how Republicans think, that people take it as truth and are outraged.

  • sharon

    I really was impressed with him. However, with his statement about teacher’s pay shows that he is delusional. He is marked off my list of the many, many stupid Republicans who are running for president. They’re falling fast. Let any of them try to live on a teacher’s pay. They would change their tune!@

  • M. Courville

    It is mu hope that every teacher or their respective union sends this and other politicians views to every struggling teacher they know. I was there in the past. Too many politicians don’t have a clue.

  • Britt

    By his logic, Politicans should get paid based on how well the economy is doing, how low our unemployment rate is… starting with minimum wage.

  • Sarah

    Dear Mr. Christie,
    “Glorified Babysitter” HA! You are a joke! Why don’t you spend 9 weeks in a classroom of your choice?? Maybe that would change your mind. I know in Indiana I make no where NEAR 6 digits. More like minimum wage. And get no pay for the hours upon hours of overtime I work to make our children not only academically grow, but also to teach them how to act like good citizens. Something they are not getting at home! Think again before you open your pie hole and say teachers are over paid and you want to punch teachers’ unions in the face! I’m sure you’re making 6 digits and 6 digits for what!?!? You’d never survive in a classroom for 9 weeks! Ha!!!!!!

  • LouAnn

    Politicians should get paid minimum wage with a bonus whenever they’ve made a positive difference in the the lives of fellow Americans. I’m embarrassed for Christie right now. He obviously is not related to or has ever befriended a teacher…if so, he would surely feel differently and understand the demands of the profession. Teaching is the profession that sparks all professions.

  • Randy Donath

    So Christie thinks teachers jobs are to teach kids how to pass standardized tests? That would be the bottom line if his proposal were put into practice.

  • lo

    Doesn’t anyone fact check anymore? Fake article.

    • Laurie

      It’s satire and these are the people teaching my kids. I’m just a waitress and I was able to grasp the concept

  • Chad

    You want us to be “glorified” babysitters? Fine… Pay us what you would pay a babysitter. The national average is right around $10 per hour per kid. I have 115 students that I see for an average of one hour per day (I teach high school). At 115 kids a day at $10 a kid for the 175 contact days I would make $201,250 a year. I courently make $45,000 with nine years experience and a Masters Degree. Please pay me like you would your babysitter. The American people are getting one hell of a deal! Not to mention a babysitter just watches your kids. We educate them!

  • Greg Long

    Evaluating teachers using testing data is like evaluating doctors on their death rate. Would you evaluate the Oncologist the same as an Ophthalmologist. There has never been a truly good teacher evaluation system.

  • Cathi

    Just curious… did all these “outstanding politicians ” get into the positions they are in now ??? Did sport personnel who make millions A SEASON teach them how to read and write ??? Hmmm…..interesting observation…….how about “paying it forward ” and showing a little respect for the profession that got them to where they are today, instead of constantly putting them down, criticizing them amd making it more and more difficult for them to survive in a place where they’re finding it more and more financially difficult !! Teachers probably invest more of their own money and time into their profession than any other profession !! I know I am one and we are NOT the sole providers of a child’s education – education BEGINS at home BUT DOESN’T END when the child enters school as some of our HIGHLY JUDGEMENTAL POLITICIANS would have the public believe !!!!!!

  • Laurie Saunders

    Yes, Mr. Christie, it is the teachers of this country who bankrupt this country. Certainly not politicians who play God with people’s lives, passing laws they don’t read… (remember you can read because of a teacher) passing laws they don’t have to live by themselves.

    I challenge elected officials to live off minimum wage for one month. I would even throw in a bonus based on how well your constituents are doing. Oops, guess you would be back to minimum wage, wouldn’t you?

    Teachers need more money, more resources and more support from elected officials, not less.

    Lost my vote!

  • Nancy Erdvig

    We can’t get new teachers as it is. We need to get the politicians and corporations out of education.

  • Dear Mr. Christie:

    Is this really true? I cannot even imagine someone saying this garbage. Clearly Christie has NO idea what he is talking about. Let me fill everyone in. I graduated from Rhode Island College with honors in Elementary and Middle School Education. I also obtained a degree in English. Now, I am attending RIC for my Master’s degree.

    I substitute taught for 5 years making 70.00 per day with no health care. I paid my dues by taking long-term teaching positions (1 year job) and still made 70.00 and no benefits. I worked my butt off to get my current teaching position. I still only make about 42,000 per year and struggle money wise. Here is a glimpse into the life of a “glorified babysitter”… A.K.A. teacher.

    Last year, I taught over 100 Middle School students in an urban setting. Yes, many days I did “babysit”, by babysit, I mean taught (or tried) to teach some of these students manners, how to deal with bullies, having good self esteem, a shoulder to cry on when they were made fun of because he/she was homeless and lived in a shelter. Gave a student t-shirts that my brother was throwing out so that this student would not be embarrassed to wear the same outfit everyday.

    I also delivered gifts to students in shelters on Christmas Eve, so that they wouldn’t wake up to absolutely nothing, won breakfast for my advisory class for bringing in the most canned food for Thanksgiving because our school made food baskets (although some tried, I collected many cans from family and friends because some of these kids were recipients of the food baskets. These baskets were for families in OUR school who could not afford a holiday dinner.

    Oh, and put together a fund- raiser and received over 500.00 worth of toys for the Toys for Tots program at the nearest mall. Along with gathering these gifts, I made permission slips for one of my classes that needed community service hours for Junior Honor Society to attend this event (outside of school). Guess what: 17 out of 26 students had his or her parents take them 20 minutes away from their home to go. So yes, I did “babysit” them that night and spent 90.00 of MY wages to buy all of them a sundae (one boy was lactose, so he ordered a pretzel).

    That is just a couple of extra things “glorified babysitters” or as I like to call them teachers do on his or her own time for free: Lesson plans, IEPS, Administer PARCC tests, SLO’s, Evaluations, Professional Evidence Binder (this has eight categories). Also, run after school book club,attend SIT meetings, Faculty meetings, RTI (interventions), parent meetings(even when parents don’t show up, we are still there to discuss how to help this student). Not to mention: grading, filling out rubrics, breaking up fights (I was accidentally hit once or twice in my career), getting in trouble because you want to feed the kids (healthy food only), planning field trips, work with truancy courts, social workers, tutoring every day before and after school, giving them a dollar to attend the basketball game with his or her friends, attending sporting events your students participate in to show your support, unit development, test creating, correcting over 100 essays every weekend, and the list goes on…oh wait, I forgot one very important thing…TEACH YOUR SUBJECT matter everyday.

    So Mr. Christie, if that us what you mean by “glorified babysitter” than I guess your right. We are and thank you for recognizing hard working babysitters/teachers.

    Miss L

  • Cornelia

    OMG!!!! It is a known fact, that ignorance can be fix but stupid is forever!!!! Gov. Christie is Stupid. I wish that his ass was a teacher, before he became a governor. I wander who taught his fat ass? Oh, it was a teacher, can you imagine that? Shut the Hell Up !!!

  • Bukko Boomeranger

    I’m all for it! If teachers got paid minimum wage, then they could collect bribes to give passing grades to students, the way it’s done in much of the Third World! (Is it un-PC to use the term “Third World”? Because it’s shorter to write that than “starving rat-infested woggish hell-holes” but I can fall back on that if need be.) That would be a victory for Free Enterprise, because only the richest parents could bribe teachers well enough to get passing grades for their kids, thus ensuring that society’s WINNERS keep advancing and the LOOOOOOSERS with no money keep getting stomped down, like they DESERVE! Coz if they weren’t LOSERS they wouldn’t be broke. I like this Christie proposal, but I’m still voting for tRump.

  • Are you all really that stupid? The article clearly states it is a parody. Christie never said anything like this, amazing how dumb some folks are!

  • Kim

    Thank you Debbie! You stated that perfectly! I have been a teacher for 32 years and the only opinion that counts for me is that of my students. One of the most important things I teach is kindness. I am not sure why some people feel it is their job to criticize others. The women is trying to make a point about her son. I can tell she is proud of him. I can tell she is a little worried too. I thank her for her input whether or not her grammar is perfect. Teaching is a tough road. More demands, less respect… I hope all of the up and coming teachers can remember to try and keep focused on the only thing that really matters, not politicians or smart ass people who don’t have a clue. It’s all about the kids. Their smiling faces will get you through it all! 🐞🐞🐞

  • Teacher in Florida

    In turn, should all professions that require a college degree receive minimum wage? Should doctors receive minimum wage with bonuses for the patients they cure and lives they save? Should accountants receive minimum wage with bonuses for the amount of tax refunds or tax breaks their clients receive? What about politicians? Let’s pay them minimum wage and give bonuses for the increase in revenue, jobs created, people put to work, reduction in crime, improvements to infrastructure with no budget increase, no work accidents for public employees, reduction in homelessness, reduction in drop out numbers and increase in graduation rates, lack of potholes in the road, etc. I bet he’d say, that’s not fair, none of that is in my control. Well, welcome to our world.

    As the leader of the state, he has a major impact on implementing changes that will affect the school districts in his state – he is essentially, the leader of Neew Jersey public schools. So, perhaps, he should also be paid minimum wage with bonuses for the number of kids who pass standardized tests. Hate to tell him, but all the drugs, unemployment, homelessness, crime rates, inability to protect children through state social services departments, ridiculous state and federal mandates that control how teachers teach and how schools operate are many of the biggest roadblocks to teachers effectively doing their jobs, so perhaps, as he’s pointing his finger and demanding educated teachers be paid as little as teenagers at fast food restaurants, he should realize that his inability to affect change in his state has a direct impact on student achievement. Find those schools where none of these things are an issue, and you find consistently high performing students. So, he is ultimately suggesting that teachers who teach in high-need areas, those who teach those kids who aren’t affluent, those from drug-infested, crime-ridden neighborhoods, those who are homeless and hungry, those very angry because of their circumstances, be penalized because of their zip code? Isn’t that precisely what NCLB and RTTT and ESEA and Johnson’s War on Poverty were supposed to stop? How about he get out of his cushy office and actually go to the struggling schools in his state, with no preconceived notions and no cameras, just go and see what goes on daily. See what those kids face every single day, and then, maybe he’ll understand that learning is not always a priority or easy when you’re hungry or have no home or have no stability at home.

    As teachers, we must first break through the issues from home before we can successfully teach. Has he seen the violence in schools? Has he stood in a hallway trying to determine if he might get stabbed by a troubled student who gets in his face and tells him, while bowing out his chest, “You don’t know who I am. You better talk to me straight?” Has he sat in a class trying to teach a student who desperately needs speech therapy but won’t get it because he doesn’t qualify so he writes every spelling word the way he says it? Has he tried to teach a student with severe emotional issues who routinely talks about starting fires? Has he tried to teach a class of 22+ sixth graders who are 11 and four or five 14 year olds with moderate to severe behavior issues at the same time? How about trying to keep those 11 year olds from feeling intimidated by 14 year old sexually active boys who hit on them or 14 year old students who scream at the teacher and flip their desks when told to stop talking or texting? That’s what goes on in our schools because our schools are microcosms of our communities- good communities have good schools, struggling communities have struggling schools, and without proper funding, without addressing those core issues that take hierarchy over learning, our kids are failed.

    His statement shows his lack of value for teachers and educators and education. I guarantee, there are secretaries and maintenance workers in the state capital who make more than I do as a teacher. Governor Christie, your comment is as ignorant as is your understanding of what goes on in public schools. What a shame.

  • Cfoy

    Mr. Christy if you want to fix a broken system fix the salaries, health benefits and retirement benefits of the United States Congress… that would be a wonderful place to start saving money…. talk about a bad return on investment.

  • yehadut

    Being a teacher was the hardest job I ever did. I couldn’t hack it. They do not pay teachers enough. The amount of work was extraordinary. Moreover, linking teacher pay to student performance just means teachers will try to teach the high-performing kids and no one will want to teach the problem kids, which is a terrible ida.

  • Professor

    People! Stop going into education! Then let these fat cats come begging for teachers to “baby sit” these students.

  • MJ

    I have been teaching for 23 years, and all the millions I make teaching goes into offshore accounts!!
    This man should have to teach for a week or two, then let him see how much teachers do!!

  • Jason

    If teachers were glorified babysitters they would make more money than they do now. Let’s say 20 kids in their class. That’s actually a pretty small number but let’s just say 20. Then we will say $140 a week per kid. That’s the going rate where I live. So, that’ll be $2800 a week. That’s $106,400. It seems to me teachers are underpaid. For being glories babysitters we should pay them a little more. I

  • crella

    The Business Standard News is a satirical site designed to parody the 24-hour news cycle. The stories are outlandish, but reality is so strange nowadays they could be true.

  • Deborah Z

    I teach music. They don’t test in music. So my evaluation rating is based in the math and reading scores of the entire district– subjects I don’t teach and students I never teach.

    I also spend thousands not hundreds of dollars each year to support my students. I spend my summers and evening improving my craft. I have a PhD and my gross was $55,000.

    I loathe the republican position and I hope my governor King Kasich ( whose ex wife was a teacher) and Christy never see a nomination for president in their lifetimes because they will destroy education I this country with their heads up their asses positions on teacher salaries.

  • Christie is out of his mind. If we paid him like that, he would have been fired years ago. NJ is in a horrible state under his watch.

    Who in their right mind would go to college, acquire $100,000s of dollars in debt, to come to a minimum wage job. THAT is what Christie and his bankers/backers think of teachers–that they should be paid as if they are flipping burgers at McDonalds and greeting customers at Walmart.

    Cami Anderson, and now Chris Cerf DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED BACKGROUND or the ADVANCED DEGREES needed to be Superintendents….they were not VOTED IN, they were appointed. The last time I checked, the Governor of a state was not a king – much to Governor Kasich’s dismay.

    Christie wants to collectively punch teachers in the face, and calls NJ schools (some of the best in the nation) failure factories. Charters, the darlings to Christie, treat students like criminals – getting them used to a life in the system. They are taught nothing but how to pass a test – no real life skills – but complacency and “know your place” is drilled into them daily.

    Kasich said if he were KING, he’d abolish teachers lounges – meaning it would silence teachers, taking away their right to assembly and free speech. School districts across the nation are silencing and sanctioning teachers for their abhorrence of Common Core, another tool of the wealthy, used to fail kids, fire teachers, close public schools, and open up charters, and divert public funds into private pockets.

    Christie panders to his donors with most of the nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

    He also wants to track immigrants via Federal Express, perhaps with tattooed barcodes on their arms–sorta like Hitler–with a private company making money on each barcode. THAT is how he believes human beings deserve to be treated, and his hatred for teachers trumps his hatred for immigrants. Christie should be indicted for his crimes against New Jerseyans.

    Where does Christie stand on the real issues, the big issues, issues of terrorism, of infrastructure, of high taxes, of diverting funds to his cronies?

    You’ll never hear him speak on any of that – he is content to bash teachers. What a turd.

    He is a bully, whose wife laughs and laughs when he insults people and tells them to sit up and shut down. I think the wife is suffering from trauma of him being in politics too long–she doesn’t have a normal affect anymore.

  • Jack

    A key moment from Campbell Brown’s recent Education Summit…

    In his discussion with Campbell Brown, New Jersey Governor Christie calls to abolish tenure, or any job protections whatsoever…. no hearings, no independent arbiter… just give school leaders the absolute power to just fire teachers at will, and with no process by which the teachers can appeal that process.

    He then offered up this defense. Forget evaluations or hearings. It’s very easy to decide which teachers should be fired, and then separated from their students.

    Why it takes all of ten minutes!
    (21:13 – 21:54)

    (21:13 – 21:54)
    CHRISTIE (to the parents):
    “Let me ask you a question, ’cause there’s a lot of people out here who care about education. When you go to ‘Back To School Night’, is there ever a doubt in your mind within ten minutes of getting in that classroom, whether that’s a good teacher or a bad teacher? Ever?

    “You’re either in there going, ‘It’s gonna be a good year,’

    ” … or you’re… ‘Oh God. This is going to be a problem.’

    “You don’t need a PhD in education to understand this (i.e. decide which teachers should be fired). If we (parents) can figure it out in ten minutes, then why can’t we have a tenure system that holds teacher to account, and that has parents understanding that they (parents) can have an impact on that, too.”

    Could you imagine if you had a teacher saying the CONVERSE of this at a national public forum… that a TEACHER can tell within ten minutes whether a PARENT is unfit, and thus, should have their child taken away by Child Services?

    TEACHER: (to other teachers):

    “Let me ask you a question, ’cause there’s a lot of people out here who care about parenting. When you go to “Back To School Night”, is there ever a doubt in your mind within ten minutes of meeting a parent whether that’s a good parent or a bad parent? Ever?

    “You’re either in there going, ‘It’s gonna be a good year,’

    ” … or you’re… ‘Oh God. This is going to be be a problem.’

    “You don’t need a PhD in child services or social work to understand this (i.e. decide which parent should have their children taken away). If we (teachers) can figure it out in ten minutes, then why can’t we have a child and family services system that holds parents to account, and that has teachers understanding that they (teachers) can have an impact on that (process), too.”

  • Let’s start by giving all elected officials minimum wage and only pay them more when they actually work together and do something in office.

  • Samuel hughes

    Our country is failing because of idiots like you. You, who read this article and think its real. You, who read this article and go on rants and tirades about Christie. This website makes me sick…but its you, the idiot who reads this and thinks its real. You are the problem.

  • Tom

    I would love to make baby sitter wages. Let’s see, at $10 per student hour (the average wage for a baby sitter) since I have 30 students per period that would be $300 per period and therefor $1500 per day. Hell, at baby sitter wages I’ll throw in math for free.

  • How about politicians get minimum wage plus bonuses? And the voters get to vote on whether they deserve the bonus. A good way to hold them accountable.

  • Bob

    Well Govenor, I believe teachers are not paid enough. They are educating the future backbone of this country. Since we’re on the topic of salaries, I don’t believe police officers or firefighters are paid nearly enough for what they do either. On the other hand, if you really want to save money cut the salaries of politicians because they are without a doubt overpaid.

  • Aleks
  • Mary Jane

    Couldn’t stand reading all the anti-Christie rants based on this “news” article. Are the rants as fabricated as the “news article”? You people realize that this is a fake news website, right? I won’t vote for him, but not because I was fooled by fake news.

  • Paul Barrientos, a teacher

    Another Republican bent on the dumbing down of America.

  • Christie, you are a cock sucker. Teachers deserve the highest pay in our country. More than lobbiests and lawyers. Teachers will mould our future.

  • Rick Jacobsen

    And they want quality teachers? If you had an education in math, physics, or chemistry and your choice was to work in industry or teaching. In industry you would make $50,000 or 60,000 + benefits right out of college. Under Chrisy’s plan they would make $7.50 an hour with no beneifits for nine months a year. This is $9000. Then for 3 months they have to find other work. It probably will be the same wage so all total their income will be $12,000. A $38,000 to 48,000 difference than industry would pay them.

    Industry will also give them bonuses. So Chrisry is nuts. Will teaching get high quality people in huge numbers with that gap in pay. He totally insane. He wouldn’t take that deal nor would he as president.

    Maybe we should pay him on the “Bridge Gate” polls of his performance or his State’s downgrade in financial ratings.

  • fuck the fat ass prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think all elected officials should be paid minimum wage, and have to reveal the source of every cent of political contributions that put them in office. Plus, I think if we had universal health care,we would not have to be paying the health insurance companies profits on the teachers , elected officials, corporate executives, etc.

  • Nina Seaman

    And how many millions does the football coach of Rutgers make as well as the athletic director? Les start cutting the budget right there. And how about the wages of our part time governor who is spending most of his time running for president on the taxpayers dime.

  • Greg

    And he wants to be president. Here is the problem…teacher unions give most of their financial support to democrat candidates. Christie wants to eliminate that support. He doesn’t want any competition when he runs for office. Yet, people keep supporting loud mouth slobs like Christie. If you can read thank a teacher. If you want your kids to do well, make sure they get an education…it is the path to success. Encourage our kids to do well in school. The problem isn’t teachers. Anyone who knows anything about education knows the problem with education is the lack of support from the home. Christie’s solution would worsen the education process by getting qualified teachers to leave the profession, recruiting less qualified to go into teaching and in the long run hurt the profession. If you want to have merit pay for any profession let’s do it for politicians. Talk about an over paid profession.

  • Education is the key to success, Right or wrong? We depend on these teachers to educate, babysit, and sometimes love our children. The first thing governors like Chris do is cut education so they can give the rich tax breaks in hopes they create new jobs for the minions. But when searching for a job, education is one of the first things they want to know about. Why these assholes don’t realize this is beyond me. But then again, they do realize it, they just don’t give a shit. I think teachers should make a minimum of $100K per year. If you base their pay on their students growth, teachers will make sure your child is taught. Being a teacher is one of the most thankless jobs around. Here’s to all my teachers in my friends list!

  • mikki

    What if he earned what he is proposing?

  • Adrian Gill

    that fat snit not worth medium wage

  • Dennis Jones

    I am at a loss as to what comment to leave. What stupidity!

  • Cristie should be paid minimum wage. He gets enough kickbacks that he doesn’t need more.

  • Machine

    You are an asshole parents should be hold responsible too we are parent help our children so tell our employee each parent should get minimum wage too

  • Christie is on point, he knows he can’t get to the top of the Republican primary unless he says something ridiculous and outlandish!

  • Timing Morgan

    Let them live off of minimum wage for a year first before they delegate it to others. These pompous over privileged arrogant politicians are the root cause of the financial problems of our country. They should take a pay cut and then implement a ceiling. They should also put into place a limit on the number of terms that they can be seated. Them we may see some peeps in this country worth new blood and ideas in place. Our governing system needs a major overhaul.

  • Allison

    Well if he actually feels this way he needs start with the teacher’s who taught him because he’s dumb as hell!

  • “Teaching to the test” has been proven not to work. Forgetting for a moment the idiocy of paying teachers minimum wage, why would we want our children to learn test answers rather than learn about the world they live in and the tools that they’ll need to survive it?

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  • Sabope

    Was he a good student? What about the way families raise their kids today? What about the old system in schools? Has been in a classroom teaching? He should come and teach and be paid as a teacher for a year… Then we will pay according to the student’s results…

  • I am appalled that any politician would suggest that teachers should receive minimum wage. Teachers are the lowest paid and least appreciated professional in the country. As a retired teacher which I dedicated 40 years to not only teaching but helping children and acting as a parent to those children whose parents don’t care, I receive $2100 a month–and you want to reduce that pay!!! Perhaps you should not allow insurance companies to pay for elective surgeries for weight loss–especially for those who it is wasted on and continue on their merry way as obese as ever!! Actually maybe it’s a good thing for you to use this as a platform–no educator would ever vote for YOU!! You don’t have a chance as a nominee for president–keep on wasting those donations!!!!!

  • Kevin Gross

    He is such a jackass!!! WE have to get a 4year college degree and are forced to obtain a masters degree! If he thinks he can do better with our difficulties… By all means have at it!!!!

  • Kirk Brochard

    Really you FAT Bastard!!!



  • Jdr

    How stupid is Christie? Teacher’s cannot make students learn. They can not provide instruction and tools. So teachers in low income school districts should be penalized because parents don’t have the time or ability to encourage or help students with homework. Oh, and those special Ed teachers who have students who progress but can’t test eel. should be paid minimum wage. Way to go Chris.

  • Abbey

    If you get voted president then we should also cut wages for presidents. If it weren’t for teacher you wouldn’t even be here running you ignorant man!

  • OMG, This is OVER THE TOP! Why aren’t we picketing everywhere! Where are the parents supporting us??? Come on people! These are our children he is using for political gain! This CREDENT must be stopped now!

  • Eduardo Ojeda Jr.

    He should be paid minimum wsge. Not only has he been an enemy to the middle class in New Jersey, but he is an absentee Governor while he pursues a pipe dream…

  • Elizabeth

    Christie and Kasich both need to spend some time in a classroom. Beginning last March, I started substitute teaching and have had my eyes opened. (Would like to point out I needed a job since being laid off twice since late 2008 from my 35-year IT job, with the constant giving away our IT jobs with H1-B visas to foreign workers.) The students in today’s classrooms with mental and emotional issues, with their constant wanderings and disruptions, make it impossible to get through an entire lesson. The other students are being short-changed and suffering. They can’t hear what the teacher is saying and we spend so much time steering students back to their desks and calling for order that no comprehensive teaching can be accomplished. Kasich is my state’s governor, by the way. He needs to accompany me for an entire day to see what teachers have to deal with. It won’t be long before no one at all wants to do the job. I don’t see how they do it day after day, it’s so frustrating. Then all the “special programs” for extra attention to those with learning disabilities, take them out of the classroom before the end of the class, so they miss the lessons the rest of the class is working on. To hear the good kids who want to learn and what they have to deal with daily is heartbreaking. Minimum wage, Mr. Christie, really? Will you be satisfied when there are no teachers at all. I am not a Democrat, by the way.

  • Vickie Bevers

    Such disrespect and uninformed opinion!

  • Tracy

    What a idiot!!!!! Teachers go above and beyond what they have to do for there students and work when they don’t get paid or even praise!!!! I know a lot of great teachers epically at Cleveland Hill elementary in Cheektowaga NY! And I am a parent not a teacher saying this

  • stephen cuspilich

    He should use the same standard to base his pay upon . And his record as of late he should be giving back his salary based on his own performance. Teachers aren’t the problem it’s the politicians who are making the teachers dumb down our children in the classroom is the problem and someone making $50 G a yr is not over paid sir , YOU ARE OVER PAID !

  • If New Jersey doesn’t care about it’s children getting a decent education ..then sure, cut teacher’s pay down to minimum wage and see how many teachers you keep. No one can live on that…and after years of college and some with advanced degrees, why would they want to. Teaching is not the easiest job in the world..and in some areas, not the safest either. I would suggest the Governor and other high paying positions in the government cut their salaries instead. Their jobs are easy compared to teaching children that come from many different backgrounds and home situations.

  • I’d like to switch jobs with Chritie for a week, see if he could hang. I doubt it!

  • Nancy Back

    I suggest politicians go on merit pay and Teachers get Christie’s pay, at the very least. Go teach a few classes!

    • Paying him minimum wage plus a bonus for how well he does his job would save the taxpayers a whole lotta money.

    • Marietta Ramirez

      Imagine if Doctors were paid minimun wage and a bonus fir every patient that lowers their bad cholesterol, exercise on a daily basis, change their eating habits, has no diabetes, etc. does it sound fair to penalize the doctor for his or her patient choices?

  • Kathy Adamski

    Get rid of Christie problem solvef

  • Kate

    I, as a teacher, just paid my very middle class mortgage and child care and have $100 left for food, diapers, and Christmas. Paying teachers minimum wage is a huge slap in the face for the hard work we do. My teacher husband and I are up to our neck in student loan debt and trying to make ends meet. If you are going to make teachers glorified babysitters, good luck in the future because you will not have very educated leaders.

    • Brad Sinacore

      We don’t have any educated leaders now!

    • Michael Jardine

      “…good luck in the future because you won’t have very educated leaders.”

      Which is the entire point of what the GOP wants, friend.

      An uneducated populace that’s just smart enough to run the Machine, but to dumb to question how it’s being run.

      Usually, standardized tests, do not measure Critical Thinking Skills.

      Surely, as a Professional Teacher, you don’t really think that’s just by Chance, do you?

      It’s by Design.

      • Danny

        The liberal Dems are the leaders that pushed for common core. That is the best option? All politicians are scum!

    • poopface

      I’m not in support of paying teachers minimum wage, but I disagree with your comment. My high school education was almost nonexistent and a huge waste of time. Regardless of the education my teachers acquired, they were still dumb. I would have benefitted more from dropping out and starting community college as soon as I was able. I think teachers are pretty useless and most are just annoying, stupid, boring, waste of space, and just all around sucky people.

      • Tara

        What an ignorant comment! Not worthy of the space it takes up! I’m truly sorry you had such a horrible educational experience but it is very unfair of you to so viciously attack people who pour their entire heart and soul into helping their students succeed! Many of us hug our students as they cry on our shoulders, work late to offer them one on one help….I teach in a career college and I accept calls from my students at all hours asking for advice! Why do I do it? Certainly NOT for the paycheck which, by the way, currently sucks already!!!! I do it because I care! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!! So I suggest you get to know your targets before you proceed to tear them down!!!!

      • I think if you were educated enough to take high level AP courses instead of being a low level functioning individual then your life would be more entertaining than it is right now badgering teachers. Remember no one stops you from becoming educated if you choose to do so. I think we should pay your parents minimal wage for raising someone like yourself with no drive to be successful in life.

      • Sharon LaPlace

        They probably felt that way about you, but they still loved children—even your kind! It is a dedication and a calling. If it were about the money; I would still be doing it. I am retired, but am still working to help children learn. Don’t worry. In the future there will be less teachers——because of children/people like you. Also, obviously you have never taught before. You have no idea how many extra hours teachers put in, worry and care about the kids in their room, and give more time to their classroom than their own families.

      • gogosoul63bob

        You had a shitty experience in school, surrounded by people who didn’t, but you wanna blame us? If you had laid attention, Dumbass, you might have learned the difference between correlation and causation. But you didn’t. Bye. Felicia.

      • Susan Clarke

        Poopface. Your name says it all.

      • More money

        Sounds like you did not apply yourself. Blaming the teachers for you not doing the work is bull

      • Jim Eberle

        You were probably one of those dumb fucks that played video games, or streamed football highlights on their laptop while class was in session. What you get out of school is what you are willing to put into it.

    • Republicans do not want educated leaders. They want uneducated sheep.

  • Laura

    I have lost all respect for you Chris Christie! Walk a mile in a teacher’s shoes Mr. Christie! Children are more then test scores. Wanna know what’s wrong with the world today come spend a day with me and I’ll show you! I’ll show you how some children can’t concentrate because they are hungry because they didn’t have dinner the night before or breakfast, or how another child keeps falling asleep because they were up taking care of their younger siblings, by the way I’m a first grade teacher, oh and how about the child’s house that had bullets fly through her home during the night and can’t stop crying, so what do I do….I delay teaching to those tests, I look into the child’s eyes, I tell them I love them, I hug them, I remind them they are safe at school, I take crackers out of my desk and feed the ones who haven’t eaten, I meet those needs first because you see….teaching is much more then test scores. It’s about providing children a place where they feel loved, safe and then and only then can you begin to teach. Oh and don’t forget the children that learn differently and are poor test takers. Does that mean we teachers are not doing our job? No, it means that we care more about the child feeling successful at the level they are able to achieve then scores. Don’t misunderstand me, all teachers wants their children to score well on testing, but we care much more about the children then how they make us teachers look on a test. If a single test is the only measure of a teacher’s success then Mr. Christie you my friend are clueless and maybe you need to earn minimum wage. I spend money out of my pocket to buy all of my students Christmas presents. I spend money on pictures to make my students scrap books, I spend my money buying special prizes to reward students for achievement not just test achievement but for being a good friend, helping others, being respectful, etc. We have teacher accounts with money but it’s never enough. We buy copy paper, school supplies for children who can’t afford it, toner cartridges for printers which are about 80.00, and the list goes on. I spend almost 10 hours a day at work planning special lessons that not only meet the needs of my diverse learners, but also are engaging and memorable because I am competing with a world that is engulfed in technology. I spend weekends grading papers, looking on Pinterest for creative ways to incorporate the arts into my lessons, doing lesson plans all the while my personal children look at me wondering when I’ll stop working and spend time with them. I say all of this because I Love teaching, I love my job, I love the people I work with, I love and adore each sweet face that enters my room! I’m NOT a babysitter. I am a national board certified teacher with a masters degree and will probably not pay off my loans until after I retire. I didn’t go into this profession for the pay, but I am a professional and should be paid like one.

    • Elaine

      Basing teacher pay on student test scores is akin to basing physican pay on how effective they are keeping their patients healthy. Some behaviors cannot be controlled by anyone except by the individual. Learning is one of them. Losing weight would be another. I am sure Mr. Christie’s doctors have educated him on the dangers of obesity. Should his doctors be held accountable for Mr. Christie’s inability to get his weight under control?

    • Helen Trainir

      Thank you for writing this! Thank you for all that you do making the lives of your children better! Thank you to you and the many teachers who everyday make this world a better place!!!!

  • Tracy

    I think Chirs Christie should come and teach in a classroom for a week and then make a decision based on his experience. Unless he has done the job i don’t think he is qualified to make a judgment on what teachers should be paid. I also know if this happens then there will not be many teachers left who are willing to teach. We don’t do it for the money we do it for the kids, but we also still have to make ends meet!

  • What an idiot!!

  • Paul Baldy

    I am a teacher that votes republican. He is an idiot I guess that he is the head of the NJ education system he should step down because of the failures in his state. The issue in education is not money it is the kids act like they are in charge and there is nothing done about it Maybe I should have a law suite against the school system and the parent every time the kid fails to study or do their homework and fails and makes me look bad.

  • Maxx

    This is your opinion, on drugs. Any questions?

  • Mrs. Chabot

    Dear Presidential Candidate Chris Christie,
    I keep seeing articles regarding your thoughts on reforming teacher pay. According to these articles you want to pay teachers minimum wage and give bonuses to teachers based on the number of students that pass standardized test. This sounds like a great idea seeing as how I am just a “glorified babysitter” in your eyes.
    In the state of Florida according to the DEO minimum wage for 2016 is $8.06. Now this will be a huge pay cut for me, so my question is are you going to pay me just for the hours I work while I am at school? Or will I be using a time card to track the number of hours I truly put into preparing engaging lessons, grading papers, holding parent conferences, and attending workshops to help improve my teaching skills? I typically arrive at school at 6:30am and do not leave until around 4:30pm. That would be 10 hours a day I spend at school and you can add another hour or two I spend at home most nights working. This does not include the 5 – 7 hours I put in on the weekend. All of these hours are on my personal time right now, but surly you are going to address this when you reform my pay scale.
    Now to discuss the bonus, what I understand is that you want to provide bonuses to teachers based on the number of students that pass state standardized test. In all reality this sounds great, but I do not think you are taking into consideration schools like where I teach. I teach at a very low income inner city school. 100% of my students receive free breakfast and lunch. Many of the families can not provide some of the basic needs for their children on daily bases. These children come to school each and every single day faced with challenges you could not even imaging. I have children in my class that are 8 and 9 years old have had more trials and tribulations than most adults could fathom. Yet these children are expected to come to school each day and be on their “A-game”. All 20 children in my class are expected to take and pass the state standardized test in order to move on to the next grade, however I have to differentiate my instruction based on the needs of each child in my class. I have some children who at the beginning of the year came to me reading 2 years below grade level, but I am expected to prepare them to take a test that is on grade level and they are expected to pass this test. Out of the 20 students in my class I currently have 1 student that is reading on grade level, 4 students that need interventions, and 15 students that are in critical need, well below grade level. Now my goal is prepare each of these children to the best of my ability, but the reality is that I am only one person and without the help and support of others I simply can not move mountains on my own.
    I shed tears each and every day knowing that my many of my students will not be ready for this standardized test they must take in a few short months. I shed these tears not because I know my pay is going to be reflective on how they do, but I cry because I want them all to feel successful. When they get these scores back they feel like they have failed and so do I. It is not teachers that are failing to prepare our students. This is a systemic problem that goes far beyond my classroom and the classroom of many other teachers across this country.
    As for teachers being “glorified babysitters”, We are much more than just teachers. I am a Teacher, Educator, Facilitator, Life Long Learner, Role Model, Mentor, Caregiver, Counsellor, Social Worker, Protector, Curriculum Planner, Researcher, Data Analyst, Manager, Developer, Professional, and not to mention a Friend. I am sure I am leaving a few roles out, but I think that is a pretty good description of what I do on a daily bases. Now I welcome you to come sit in my classroom for a day, heck why not make it a week, to see what I really do everyday. I am much more than “Just a Teacher”.
    Being a teacher is probably on of the hardest careers an individual could choose to walk into. It is not a task many people could handle. Teaching is definitely a calling, and I work with some of the absolute best educators.
    We are Underpaid and obviously Unappreciated by so many including yourself. Where would you be today without the teachers that dedicated so much of their personal time to see that you succeeded in life? Were you ever faced with the challenges my students face on a daily bases? Did you ever have to worry about what you were going to eat over Christmas break, because the two meals a day you were guaranteed at school were not going to happen for 2 weeks. Have you ever seen your mother, father, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, neighbor, being pulled out of the house in the middle of the night by the police, because they made very poor choices in life? I think it is safe to say that you have not had these experiences in life. This is the reality for the children in my class. The problem is much bigger than making sure they are ready to take the state standardized test in a few short months. My primary goal is that these children grow up to be responsible, productive adults who make better choices in life than they are being raised to do.
    Like I said earlier, You want to reform teacher pay I think that is a great idea, but you should really rethink how you want to go about that!!!!
    A very concerned, passionate teacher
    Mrs. Chabot

  • Devin

    How many of these politicians would be sitting in power in their respective offices without the teachers who taught them?

  • Gosh, I didn’t know Christie was tired of having public education.
    1. There’s a shortage, and simple supply and demand tells you that means the price for this product is too low.
    2. PLEASE direct me to those $100,000+ six figure teaching salaries! After 20 years, with a master’s degree, I make $52,000.
    3. I only suspected Christie was incredibly stupid before. This confirms it.

  • Lisa

    You know who should receive a reduction in pay? Entertainers, sports figures are, especially, politicians. How about paying those who provide a REAL service (teachers, EMS, police, fire fighters) a REAL wage. Six figure wages for teachers is by far the exception to the rule. There was a time I considered going back to school for a teaching degree, but in my area I make more as a *part time* secretary than most master degrees full time teachers.

  • Maria Nockin

    Teachers in NYC and possibly NJ make a living wage. Not more, they merely make the money their long years of study, often done at night, deserves. Teachers in AZ make close to minimum wage after getting a bachelor’s degree. That is ludicrous and most people would not think of becoming teachers. Good students go into other fields. Is that what we want for our children?

  • Mike Summers

    Similarly, how about paying members of congress their regular (insanely inflated salary) minus $1000 for every US citizen killed in America by gun violence. After all, as Christie says, pay should be based on performance. Let’s see how well congress can keep America safe.

  • tom jensen

    I am a retired Master teacher. Pay me 5 dollars a hour for each student, 159 students a day equals $900 a day 0r $4500 dollars a week, Do the math,you can;t afford me.

  • Erin

    If a teacher votes Republican, than they deserve to get paid minimum wage. #dontbeafool

  • Barbara Reef

    Politicians should be paid according to how well they perform. Christie would have starved to death by now.

  • Anthony Migliaccio

    This man is delusional!!! He must have been picked on in school & teachers did not try to help!! His vendetta against Teachers is ridiculous!!! I wish Christie & every other politician would teach for JUST 1 day !!! They would understand the work we do !!! And we are not Illegal Immigrants with NO education & do not deserve minimum wage!!! He needs to get a grip on his delusional run for President & figure another way to fund education in New Jersey NOT on the backs of property taxes!!! He needs a solution NOT trying to piss off teachers & administrators!!!

  • Jason

    Ok Christie, then I propose the Governor gets $0 salary and only bonuses which are elected by the people are you are supposed to represent, based on how well you reflect our wishes.


  • Dennis

    The politicians should be held accountable for their actions and the amount of things that they actually accomplish for their constituents.

  • The corporations have taken over and people are officially obsolete. Robotics, made through massive public investment over decades, will deepen that trend. We can go starve. Or we can close down Wall Street, declare a general strike and force the government to do its job and put the banksters away. Stark choice – but this piggish thug, Christie, would be a good place to start. He deserves to be hanged from the nearest lamppost.

  • MaryEllen

    My husband taught 38 years and didn’t make six figures!! Boy this guy sure shows his hate for teachers!! And what a total a$$ he is!!!

  • You try it, big boy, and be cursed and have a knife pulled on you. That’s after 9 years in college in order to get a decent salary. Many teachers do not deserve their salaries; many do. The same goes for politicians.

  • Your worthless Chris Christie, how dare you suggest that the ones that are educating our future, that are the go-to for me young students, that stand as role models, and confidants be paid minimum wage!!! Wold you let your children be taught by teachers that are going to stop caring as much because they are unappreciated? In fact, I hope as Americans this statement alone outrages many to NEVER vote for a worthless, awful, greedy mam like you

  • Vicki

    If you, Mr. Christie, feel that teachers should make minimum wage, then make our salaries hourly. If you include all of the time that teachers put in outside of their contract time, then you will see the true worth of a teacher. And while you are at it, everything that we spend out of pocket should be able to be expensed. Please make sure that you treat these highly educated people, responsible for the future of this nation with a little more respect, we work very hard in ways that non-educators would ever understand. We are more than just teachers, we make sure the children in our classroom are loved. We watch as their minds fill with knowledge. You want to base a teacher’s success on a test, but what about the student who is making progress on their behavior in class, and is just starting to learn because of said behavior. Before you bad mouth how much teachers make, think about what they do.

  • What an idiot. Maybe you, Christy , and all other politicians should be paid according to your job performance or lack thereof. You should only take vacation based on the hours you actually work and cap it at….let’s say two weeks per year. Hmmmm, does this work for you?

  • Dennis

    If you hate America and want to see the country fail than vote Republican.

  • Ruth

    For the most part teachers are under worked and overpaid. I think it’s a great idea as they turn out a poor quality product. This would give them incentive to actually teach what children are supposed to know.

    • Suzan

      1. No, they aren’t. 2. Nobody would go to college education to get a minimum wage job teaching entitled children who aren’t held accountable for their own success or failure when they can make more money in other jobs that don’t require a degree. I took a pay cut to become a teacher. Worst mistake of my life. The sad thing is I enjoyed the kids and they were successful but I have this pesky need to eat and pay my mortgage, which gets difficult when you keep having to buy supplemental materials out of pocket or all your students’ supplies because their parents don’t.

      Consider the kind of service you get from minimum wage workers at McDonald’s. Is that the quality of education you want for your child?

      Replace college educated professionals with high school students and see how happy you are with the results.

    • Psych teacher

      How would you know? Are you a teacher? I’m guessing you’re yet another loser who didn’t do well in school and blames the teachers when you didn’t take advantage of what they were trying to do for you. I’m so sick of people like you. I make $55 BEFORE taxes and deductions and work 60 hours a week. Underworked and overpaid? Shut up, fool, and try to keep up with me for just one week. Idiots….you and Christie, both.

    • Renee

      What teachers do you know of are over paid? My mom taught for 45 years, 36,000 was all she was paid a year and that doesn’t include taxes… i know from experience, teachers in most states, took a HUGE pay cut and a cu5 in benefits. OVER WORKED AND UNDER PAID!

    • Teachers cannot teach just what they want or even HOW they want. I taught for 27 years and it got to where I could not use methods that had not worked for many years. No spelling tests, only teach what is on the test, and do so much extra testing and documenting that there is no time to actually teach. The person that tried to say what all the teachers jobs really were also missed a few. I never made more than $54,00.00 after 27 years and a Masters degree. I also worked MANY more hours than just the 8:00 to 3:00. People that degrade teachers should try the job for a few weeks.

  • Emily

    With that logic, doctors should get minimum wage as well and get bonuses for patients that are no longer obese or sick. You can’t expect already underpaid teachers to stick around and give quality education to students for minimum wage.

  • the sad thing is if the minimum wage was $15 and teachers where paid for all the hours they worked then it will would still be the same they are getting paid now. 60 hours a week * 38 weeks = $34200. with bonuses they might be better paid

  • Martha

    If anyone’s pay & benefits should be reduced it should be all government elected officials. They are the one who are raping the taxpayers and prostituting themselves to big businesses and lobbist. Most government officials spend more time getting reelected to get more money than helping their constituents or their local community/state.
    Not to mention the majority disparately need an education on morals & ethics, with an advance class of science perferably a degree.

  • M

    But remember: minimum wage doesn’t beget effort. No teacher making minimum wage will take work home or put any of the extensive extra effort we currently put in. A fast food worker doesn’t go home to do more work like teachers do. You get what you pay for. Anyway, he just wants teachers’ money so he can pay the debt he’s racked up and can’t manage. He’s not effective; he’s just a blowhard.

  • Joe DePalma

    Christie if anybody deserves minimum wage it is you. You have done nothing to earn your pay. Teachers have the same education as lawyers & doctors & plus are in charge of our most precious resource. Pay them accordingly- they are way underpaid

  • Claire Bodek

    I suggest that “governor” Christie’s pay be determined by how well his state is doing (NJ not NH) “He needs to be held accountable If the state is failing, the “governor” is nothing more than a leech on the state.

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  • Mel M.

    Glorified babysitters? Right that’s why adult babysitters make about $20+ an hour and childcare for one child can cost about $800+ a month for ONE child. If he wants to pay teachers minimum wage you’re better off being a god damn babysitter.

  • Veronica

    How about we pay Christie minimum wage but only for the days he spends working IN NJ, and give him a bonus only if NJ does well in unemployment and other areas?

  • Bob

    Christie is a joke. If he believes that teachers (and I am proudly one) are overpaid, perhaps he should graciously give up a bit of his $175,000 salary back, since he was only in New Jersey for a full day a total of 104 days last year. We also are likely to pick of the tab of more than $1,000,000 (boy, that would do some good in my school) for his security posse just for last year. Mr. Christie and his wife made over a half million last year, and his wife may have earned money tied to bad pension investments (FROM OUR FUNDS!!!) by the pension brokers, with suddenly triple the fees….that the administration, not the unions, control. Six figure teacher salaries??? Only in a few districts, and that is after many, many years experience and a doctorate. How much do doctoral degree recipients earn in other professions? I don’t believe it is minimum wage. My subject is not tested, so I guess I would be stuck with minimum wage, (with a Master’s Degree and 22 years experience)……sounds fair, right??
    In closing, Governor Christie…..I challenge you to come in and do my job for one week……instead of running around the country touting “accomplishments”……………..
    While your at it, why don’t you tout your “real” education agenda…..turning all schools into private/for-profit charters, with long school years, longer days, and non-union teachers working for 30K. Good luck with that.

  • Oscar Goldman

    This is satire, not real news.

  • Cheryl. Donatuccio

    He promised that with this new teacher evaluation system there would be bonuses for highly effective teachers but no one has gotten one. What happened to that? He can’t be trusted. How dare he. Teachers making 6 figures all have their masters plus another 30 or more credits. That’s a lot of time invested in school. After paying all kinds of dues, taxes and insurances, the reality is that we make half of that.

  • Tara

    I think politicians should be docked dollar for for dollar for every bit of taxpayers money that they waste!!!! If “teachers need to be accountable, why shouldn’t government officials???? What’s fair is fair!

  • Bill miller

    Governor Christie thinks teacher are over paid. He think they should get minimum wages. Well Christie if that’s what you believe then the 1st step is for you to prove that the average teacher can live on minimum wage. To do that you must live on minimum wage. I challenge you to practice what you preach.

  • If he thinks we’re glorified baby sitters, then how about switch to baby sitter pay. What’s the going rate for 1 hour of watching a kid? Lets say its $5 x 30 students x 7 hours a day x 180 days. That would more than triple my salary. I’ll throw in all the grading and planning I do at home for free, as usual.

  • DrPhrogg

    Politicians should be reimbursed for approved expenses, and no more. At least that was Jefferson’s concept. Teachers should be paid as babysitters, since that is what Christie thinks they are. $5/hour/student. $5 x 30 students x 5 classes per day x 180 days. Do the math.

  • I did not vote for Christie, the ignorant, fat, bully, rude, arrogant, liar who promised, as a priority , to lower property taxes ( a joke ) , and did nothing for NJ as governor. He will be leaving, so we have to pretend that he was never our governor and move on.

  • Jim Graham

    Mr. Governor please stop pandering to the national audience, stop the blustering, stop the bullying, and just resign your position and leave quietly. I promise you, you won’t be missed.

  • I can live with this. $7.25 per hour per student is $145 per hour for teaching 20 students per class tomes 5 classes per day is $725 per day. Multiply that by 20 days per month and you get $14,500 per month times 9 months is $130,500 per year. I can live with that you phat fool. Now shut up and sit down you ignorant azz. . . .

  • Kathy
  • Well Mr. Christie who was it that taught you how to write and read and add money , etc. You don”t even appreciate the people who toiled hard and long to make sure that you passed first grade and were toilet trained. Some times I wonder if the people who make all of the idiotic comments about minimum wage and accountability would be willing to work for minimum wage and accountability to the people that are paying their salaries with our taxes. You travel all over the nation on the taxpayers and the people who donate to your campaign but are you really accountable to them? This all boils down to whether you would like the same rules to apply to you and all of the other Republicans that make a significant amount more than tne average American and on top have alot of perks that most of the average persons only can dream about such as decent health care that is affordable. You probably did not have to go to graduate school for your job requirements did you. I was required to do so to keep my teacher license . Go figure! Do you have to attend regular activities to keep you up with all of the job requirements ? A teacher doesn’t get extra pay to cover all of the materials that they forage for their students in order to help them learn. Alot of us out here in the real world don’t think you deserve the salary you get because you are not doing anything relevant to change the lives of any Americans. You just set back and pat yourself on the back about all of the legislation you passed , of which you didn’t personally take part in any of the process other than signing your name. Cushy job if you can get it ! No responsibilities with a huge paycheck. Just like a Republican – wanting it all on the backs of others.!

  • pembroke9

    He may be disgusting, but he didn’t say this.

  • rich

    pay me like a babysitter….$10 per hour for each student I teach…with 83 students each day that is 83 x 10 =830 per day, x 180 days, that = $149,400 per year….done!!!!

  • Jackie

    I believe they should put politicians on minimum wage and only pay them for “actual” hours worked. That doesn’t include all the time they are out campaigning for themselves.



    • Rimm

      Wood knot have a problem with either. Meritocracy. What a novel idea.

      • Michael T

        Hmmmmm, minimum wage for teachers. How bout jail time for governors who steal pension money to find other projects, then complain when asked to put the money back.

      • Katie

        Wood knot?!?!? Holy hell.

  • Cookie gonzalez

    He has to be kidding. A teacher’s work is never done. It’s not a nine to five. I’d like to see him teach a class for a week and then see his measly minimum wage pay at the end of the week. Teachers always being work home. I know this because I come from a family of educators and when their home they are doing work related tasks. Their students are always on their minds. It’s a 24hr a day job. He’s an add for just opening his mouth to say those words. I wasbin the fence on my presidential vote, but he just made my decision for me. Thanks.

    • Joanne Bel

      And what if teacher does everything possible but student does not study or do homework, as is often the case? The teacher should not be held accountable when students fail to be responsible.

    • Rick sanders

      No way a Gonzalez was voting republican….you made you mind up long ago when you decided to rely on the government to support you.

  • How bout someone gives You minimum food and a snack for a bonus…..How discouraging for our youth entering college that want to teach……your a disgrace. My son is a teacher as are a couple nieces and several of my friends. Teachers made a difference in my life growing up…obviously that didn’t happen for you. I wonder what happened in your life to make you have to attack the amazing people who help to guide our kids into responsible adults. What happened to you that police officers and fire professionals and civil servants anger you governor. They don’t make that much money, really they don’t. Find something else to focus on, something important that will impact people’s lives for the good. In case you don’t know, it’s the selfless things in life that make good people. Caring and helping, volunteering and going the extra step to make someone feel important, cared about and loved. Show some love CHRIS. It shouldn’t always be about what YOU want. By the way, how many days have you been in NJ. You could care less about us, your sites are set on DC.

    • I almost died laughing Pat! Your comment about minimum food and a snack! I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that! Seriously I am so tired of these extreme comments from the right that somehow get validated as acceptable. UGH Thanks for the laugh

    • I think what happened is that he was elected governor and now has to manage a budget, just like a school district. Minimum wage doesn’t make any sense, but performanced based pay does, like most private sector jobs! There should be a before and after test for each student. The goal should be improvement. Not all kids are the same, nor do all come from good supportive families. We should have a system like Germany, that divides the best students for advancement in academics and technical schools after grade school.

  • Jerry R.

    If one takes the teacher comments out and inserts “governor of NJ” the statement would have some appeal to most NJ residents. Or perhaps pay the Gov only when he is performing duties related to NJ.

  • Sharon

    If he would stop hiring private firms, spending state money on his private ambition to be president traveling all over. Is he or his position worth what he’s paid, not to mention kickbacks.and about his hometown campaigned meeting in New Hampshire, NO gov, we don’t feel comforted with u being in jersey, IT’S WHAT WE PAY YOU FOR. Do your job.

  • Faith

    No wonder teachers are leaving NJ! What an uneducated person he is! Teachers don’t make six figures in NJ! Where did he get that information? Oh, and to want to punch someone in the face — how unprofessional is that!!! This is just insane! Why spend money to go to college? Who will want to teach the ESE students? Anyone who makes this kind of statement does NOT know why we differentiate in our classrooms. Just another way to make teachers work more hours for FREE! Oh, my gosh…….! Just another attack on teachers who give so much of their time and energy!

    • Lucie

      …and this is one of the many reasons he will never be President.

  • This is shameful. Does Mr. Christie even know how hard it is to be a teacher? Our work is never done. And as for our pay, iI want to meet the teacher who is making 6 figures. A bonus for every kid that passes the standardized test? There’s a joke. Sure a lot of kids do just fine on those tests but some don’t test well due to anxiety or learning disabilities. Then you also have the kids who don’t give a damn. All teachers have had to deal with that small percentage. I tell you what Mr. Christie, why don’t you work for minimum wage and we’ll give you a bonus for every time you do something right. I hope you’re ready to starve.

  • j

    How dare he! I’m in New York and I need a masters degree to keep my teaching job. Shouldn’t I be paid a livable wage just in that? Not to mention the mounds of work I take home. The amount of time I should be spending with my own children, at night and on my days off, that I spend planning lessons, grading ,creating IEPS and generally just stressing.
    We should be paid way more!

  • Zanica Harris

    That wasn’t a very smart thing to do or say. This will not get him any votes from educators.

  • Dennis Dezort

    Vote wisely, citizens of NJ!

  • Rachael

    As a teacher in NJ I’m angered by this statement. I make nowhere near a six figure salary after teaching for 13 years. I work a part time job to make ends meet. Think teachers should make minimum wage … Then pay minimum wage times the number of students in an average classroom per day like an actual “babysitter” gets. Then add to it a bonus if you teach students with special needs or discipline problems. Then maybe I’d make close to what I deserve!!!!!

  • Jay moore

    Cuts should start with the high paid administrations. Consolidate.
    And there are teachers making 6 figures..please.. but most don’t.
    85%of my taxes go towards schools.
    It is certainly a burden on taxpayers
    It’s mis managed and could be better
    Teachers not the problem..teachers unions and police unions are. Pensions..while earned are overwhelming this state.
    Look at north and south Carolina. .1 superintendant per county. Why not new jersey? Really..why?

    • Barbara Sheridan

      School districts in NJ should be consolidated. A great deal of money could be saved. Perhaps Christie could come home and actually do the job he is paid to do. He’s a buffoon.

    • L. Moore

      I’m from SC, and we have seven districts and seven superintendents in our county. Several other counties are the same. Our neighboring county is one district, and you don’t even want to know all the issues they have in their district/county. There is something to be said for local control.

    • Christopher Ryan

      The only reason pensions are any concern at all is because for 30 years governors of this state refused to pay monies they negotiated and agreed to pay into pensions. If they had only done what they agreed to do (and refrained from borrowing from pension coffers without paying back) this would not even be an issue.

  • nancy

    you first fat boy…..

  • Dana

    How about you get minimum wages and a pork roll sandwich as a bonus

  • Bob

    I hate Christie, would never vote for him either but you think these dumbasses that leave comments would look online first to research this story…if you did you know it’s FAKE,lmao dumbasses!

  • Christie uses envy to stir up resentment in taxpayers. Minimum wage? It’s a despicable suggestion, made by a despicable and desperate politician. Teachers work well beyond time in the classroom -the good ones do. But teachers and teachers’ unions aren’t helping their case; they may actually be helping politicians like Christie. I know most teachers aren’t in it for the money, but some statements sure sound like it, i.e.: “Not the union’s job to look out for kids; it’s the union’s job to look out for my job.” Negotiations that ask for raises that seem like gouging to the guy who’s just been laid off. Stories of “rubber rooms” in NYC, and unions fighting for really bad teachers. Teachers -good teachers- are worth every penny and more. They need to rethink their message in the Age of Envy, and stop giving ammunition to louts like Christie.

  • How dare he my daughter is still trying to get into the board of ed.Her masters degree us in early childhood and special ed. Unfortunately she was misinformed in regards to these ridiculous certs that were warranted she should have been grandfathered in but whatever still wk on this nut she has been teaching special ed kids over 10 yrs in S.I. N.Y. and believe her pay is a disgrace. But she doesn’t give up So how dare he have the audacity. I wish I could be there in front of him and let my story and a million other teachers in my daughters predictament. I am truly appauled.

  • Lew

    His Fat lazy ass should get minimum wage for time spent doing his job while his in the state. If he becomes President, he will be the next Hitler.

  • rock

    Chris Christie is getting as bad as Obama, completely out of touch with reality. I can’t believe anyone with half a brain wouldn’t know better than him. Its a crime that so many politicians do not follow the wishes of those that put them in office. Just wait until the next election

  • This is one of the more ignorant, petty statements this poor excuse for a governor has made. If anyone should be paid minimum wage it’s him. He has no concern for anyone except himself and his political ambitions. He is responsible for a 75% cut in food stamps for the developmentally disabled. He is responsible for putting the division of developmental disabilities under Medicaid, causing disruption and potential loss of services because providers can’t do their work on Medicaid rates. So he will be saving money by reducing reimbursement rates and by having fewer providers to pay because he’s putting them out of business. He tried his damnedest to force severely impaired developmentally disabled to leave their appropriate out-of-state placements and be placed in inadequate group homes that could not provide the services needed. He is in effect stealing from the poor, the disabled, the pension system and, now, trying to steal from teachers. He’s vetoed gun control legislation designed to keep guns out of the hands of felons and the mentally ill. Many people have not yet been compensated for Hurricane Sandy losses and he is minimizing the losses from the blizzard. There is no money to fix our roads. Where did it go? To fund his legal expenses from Bridgegate? his presidential campaign? This man has been a disaster for NJ. STAY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. WE DON’T MISS YOU!

  • FED UP


    Christie said a reduction of wages as a minimum amt . The issue is not the worth of a teachers job or how hard it is .many jobs are hard and last all year without a break ! The real issue is affordibility

  • Linda

    OH This is not about. your occupation ‘s worth or how hard you all work . We all work hard !!! And for 12 months a year not 9 .

    The REAL issue is AFFORDABILITY !!

    NJ PROPERTY TAXES ARE THE HIGHEST in the country and unaffordable . The teachers salaries are. The majority of the salaries in the bill ! NJ. TEACHERS are also paid the highest in the country AND we UNFAIRLY use the highest 3 years to figure PENSIONS! Which are huge debt problems! WE TAXPAYERS CANNOT AFFORD it . The corrupt politicians didn’t even GET VOTER APPROVAL so supreme court sided with Christie on hardship clause ! NJ HAS # 1 FORECLOSURES Because of property taxes take up half our mortgage bills !!

    • Your reply that we work only 9 months a year is ridiculous… hour per hour… teachers work 500 to 800 HOURS more than regular 12 month worker! We have the hardest licensing procedures… we are “on” all day…. we constantly take home work and yiu are addressing affordability… if YOUR Governor did his job… he should trim the fat off of his legislative branch. Give me a break! Easy to continously scapegoat teachers…. before you make comments that offend the work of teachers why don’t you step foot in a damn classroom and try teaching first!

  • Clearly our governor has personality disorder that does not allow him to relay facts truthfully. I never voted for him. He has manipulated finances, grants, and services to suit himself and the cronies who surround him. The missteps in his governorship started from day one and people gave his a second term…. This has been a very painfull 7 years. Hopefully NJ has learned something!

  • Amy

    I’m a teacher. They can take the lounge. Our lounge is like a ghost town. Know why? Because teachers work their butts off. All. Of. The. Time. I can’t tell you the last time I ate lunch in a teacher’s lounge. I think W was president. No. It was Bill Clinton.

    As far as CC goes, he’s welcome to try and pay teachers minimum wage. Good luck with that. We’ll see what happens to his kids and his family when literally no one with a master’s wants to teach for $10 an hour. I’m sure he’ll get the quality he’s searching for. I’m sure he’s unaware of the adage “you get what you pay for”.

  • BS person

    BS News – satirical news site. Let’s all take it down a notch.

  • LazarX

    Here’s the thing. Christie knows at this point, his campaign has sunk to irrelevance. From now on, it’s all about self-promotion. His base hates the public school system and everything connected to it. Like Trump and Cruz, the more odious his statements, the more his groupies lap it up. This is the sorry state of politics in America.

  • What a foul sack of guts this guy is. Teaching is the noblest profession, politics the lowest and he treats the noblest like dirt.

  • Marilyn

    There’s no pinhead like a Republican pinhead. I suggest politicians be punished severely for accepting bribes.

  • Jjcomet

    Lida/Fed Up (You didn’t think you could really fool people into thinking you were two different posters did you?), I’d say the atrocious grammar, poor spelling, schizophrenic caps-lock, and liberal use of sentence fragments show that whatever education you had was wasted on you. Judging by your ignorant and rambling screed, it’s clear that whatever state you grew up in didn’t spend ENOUGH on education.

  • Tad

    He wouldn’t last a day in my classroom.

  • Hard Working Teacher

    How about putting politicians on a strict 40 hour week at minimum wage, eliminate their perks, and a neutral control board deciding when they travel out of state for political campaigning. No bonus, they are there to serve the people. Restrict the governor on the pork barrel and forcing him to be at work in New Jersey 351 days a year (two weeks vacation). Eliminate a lot of the gratuitous perks. I bet New Jersey can save a lot of money. They can also forfeit anything that comes their way to sweeten the pot.

  • Krista

    Is ANYONE who commented aware that this is a SATIRICAL (ie, FAKE) news site? This story is not real. Don’t believe every thing you read online.

  • Idiot…plain and simple.

  • John Smith

    THIS IS A FAKE NEWS STORY. This site is satyrical in nature. Read the ‘About’ section.

  • I’ve got an idea. Pay politicians a percentage of their primary constituency area’s median income based on their approval rating. So if you represent somewhere the median income is $30K a year and you’ve got a 20% approval rating you make six grand. It’d be one HELL of an incentive to get the wages up and actually do what folk want you to do rather than what the oligarchs say

  • bob

    applying this concept to other professions…. police get paid according to crime rate in town, governor gets paid according to efficiency of legislature, Docfors get paid according to cures of diseases and addictions, Cable installers get paid according to quality of programming, airline pilots paid according to number of polite passengers, ……

  • Michael

    Let’s hold politicians the same way.. and hold parents responsible for their own children not passing theses tests. Too many variables to be holding teachers responsible when parents don’t make their children do their work and go to bed on time. However, I do believe teachers shouldn’t be earning 6 figure incomes, but they shouldn’t be paid minimum wage either.

  • Paul cook

    Christie should make minimum wage with no snack slush fund. Who wants minimum wage employees teaching the future leaders of tomorrow. He needs to go

  • David

    Most of the wasted spending in education is paid to redundant management structures, private corporations and third party consultants.

    Consolidate the middle and senior management structures in each county.

    Before you tackle low test scores please work on reducing poverty in NJ and fix all the ills that it causes. Don’t put the cart before the horse to bolster your lust for power.

  • j

    He just lost my vote. He and his chorines should be the ones with minimum salaries. Basing salaries on test scores? What a stupid statement to even consider making. I AM A TEACHER. My role is to teach students, not test them and hope that they pass. I work long hard hours to make a difference academically and socially in the future of America. If it weren’t for teachers, where would the idiots in government who draw 6 figures be?

    • Ed

      I hope you are not a spelling teacher: “Crony” pl. “cronies”

  • Very simple! How about he gets paid minimum wage and only gets a bonus when NJ is doing very well. Done!

  • As a teacher I’m sure there is administration getting paid ridiculously. But don’t target all teachers. His job or at least the way he’s performed his job does not even come close to what we go through day to day.

  • Lastly, I would love to see him go against my union leader who would probably wipe the floor with him!

  • Helene

    “Teachers are paid too much, that’s what’s bankrupting the system,” Christie said.

    What a limited, short-term view of the problem. The Governor should go back to the 90s when his fellow Republican governor, Christine (Christie) Todd Whitman, “borrowed” about $4,000,000,000.00 from the New Jersey Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund so the citizens of NJ could have no tax increases. Yup, everyone (except the teachers who knew the stuff would eventually hit the fan) loved her then. When the fund administrator did the math and the fund was found to be in some trouble, who was blamed? The teachers of course. They were greedy or so the government said. The TPAF was one of the best funded in the state if not the country until a Republican governor decided to use some others people’s money to look as if she cared about New Jersey taxpayers. Talk about smoke and mirrors or a dog and pony show. Now the teachers are cast as the bad guys and this other Republican governor is going to jump on his discredited white horse and save the day for NJ. Really?

    “Teacher pay should be determined by how well their students are doing,” Christie said. “They need to be held accountable. If students are failing, teachers are nothing more than glorified baby sitters.”

    The Guv should take into account the number of students who are late, very late to school and miss one or two or more morning classes. He should also take into account students who sign into school and then leave for the day. And then there is the problem of students who are chronically absent, sometimes more than 90 days of a 180 day school year, longer for the teachers. What boss or governor would authorize full pay for a worker like that. Talk to the school administrators and the parents about that. If a student is not in the classroom, the teacher can’t have much of an impact on the student’s learning.

    Would the Governor like to have the people of New Jersey whose homes have not been repaired since Superstorm Sandy, grading him? I think not.

    Especially if the blame actually lies elsewhere.

  • Joe Maso

    Could he be any more hateful? I think not.

  • Kevin sedlak

    The problem is,not,the teachers. This state has more school districts then California. The have superintendents in school with less the 100 kids and some districts have no students at all. Why do they need a superintendent making over 100k with no students. This state is too heavy with administrators. That is the real issue. Not teachers making too much money. I know an areas with 5 schools. T administrators in a 2 square mile area. 3 of the 5 schools have less then 100 kids. None of the schools are on the. Same page academically. They do what they want and when kids get to high school you have several different levels of,learning as each school taught a different curriculum. Then it is the teachers fault at the high school because they can’t pass a state test? Really. Cut the crap Christie. Maybe we should pay you and the law makers in this state minimum wage and we decide if,you get a bonus based on your performance doe,the people it,this state. Stop blaming and start acting. Oh by the way. I have a mop,for you.

  • I’d be proud to punch this A-hole in the face.

  • Robin Canetti

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree, plus 30 more graduate credits. I work 6 days a week, and I continue working at home. I’ve earned the right, as have the rest of the members of the teaching profession, to be paid as professionals. Considering how poorly our state is doing in many areas (although NOT in education, where our students excel compared to other states),its credit rating has been lowered 9 times, and his personal absentee rate is abysmal, perhaps HE should be paid minimum wage.

  • June

    No wonder he couldn’t make it through the primaries. Teachers cannot bring all students up to the same level, because believe it or not they all don’t have equal capabilities.

  • MzMoore

    Is he kidding? Teachers don’t get paid for those hours they have to work on their own time. Summer time is workshops we have to attend on our time with no compensation so we can keep put certification to teach. We have to pay the state to take a test to get our certificate. We have to take money from our own pockets to make sure students have supplies to do their class work. We have a curriculum to teach because we have to spend days of testing students instead of teaching. I would love to have Mr C come in disuse in to a classroom without his assistants and teach a child who may not have gotten to sleep until late because their parent works late and they have to take of their younger siblings and maybe they can get their homework done before they fall asleep. Or that child may not have foods or electricity or no computer to do homework that was assigned. Or deal with a class of 27 students where 10 of then are ESE and 2 or 3 of them are behavior problems, a couple of ELL students (English is their second language) and the rest of the students are in the lower quartile (reading below a 4th grade level in 8 TH grade) and prep them to take a ridiculous test!
    He thinks teachers are overpaid? ?? I know politicians are OVER PAID let’s make standards they have to meet to receive their pay!

  • Random Passing By

    While I totally agree there is some bad teachers paying minimum wage for something that requires a bachelors which they clearly had to pay for is stupid really. I also do not think Teachers are the only problem with the system. The problem is the way the school system is designed to teach. It works on memory alone and whenever a student thinks “Outside the box” everyone gets upset and labels them mentally ill. Oh no, they can understand complex subjects, they must have a disorder! Everyone RUN! While memorization does work at stuff like teaching the alphabet its not good for everything. Yes you need to remember A B C D – Z but at the same time you need to understand Context, Reading Comprehension, how to write, and be able to analyze material. You Memorize the rules, you understand the process. We also force kids to take classes they do not care about. Yes, everyone should know basic math and English and be psychically fit. However even at a young age its clear some children are better at certain things, and often we punish them for it. Oh your better at math than English? Well guess what we are taking away your math book. Making them bad at Math is not going to help their grammar skills. We should cater to the class to the student, we should not make the student cater to school. Its their future!

  • Really?!!

    About the judgemental people saying the young man who paid too much for college: Holy crap, dude, you don’t even know this kid. You have no idea what he’s like, what school he attended, and for how long, and for what . You didn’t look at his tuition bill, you have no idea what kind of grants or scholarships he received to go there. I also attended an expensive private college, but came out with very little debt in comparison because I worked my hide off in high school to get as much funding for it as possible. My parents didn’t pay a dime. I also became a teacher, and you know what? I am no longer teaching, because the stress and the expense far outweighed the little good that trickled in sometimes. I’m lucky I have a second chance at a career because I live in a two-person household. But why and how can you judge someone who you have no idea about?

    Also. The grammar Nazi people. Really? I hope that makes you feel good, because it’s absolutely helping no one. Well, none of us are, really. If we really wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and people, I guess we would all have to be teachers. Do YOU want to get paid minimum wage to work 50-60 hours a week after four or more years at any university?

  • T

    Idiot. Walk a day in my shoes

  • Heather

    Teachers are not the cause of the financial situation in this country. That is a very ignorant comment. Teachers make crap to begin with while politicians make billions of dollars, making promises they never intend to keep. Teachers do more then they are given credit for. Spend some time in a classroom and you will understand how grossly underpaid teachers are. Standardized test should not determine how good a teacher is or how much they get paid. If you pay teachers minimum wage you will get crappy teachers and what will your precious standardize test scores look like then. Yeah, let’s give people who flip burgers and fries more money than people who teach the children who will run this country some day. Yeah great idea. Fricken idiot comments like that just prove this country is going down the crapper, especially if people like this are elected. Teachers are not glorified babysitters, but will be if you cut their pay. Yeah, let’s increase how much they have to do on a daily basis to teach to the standardized test, and then lower how much they make; all the while padding politicians wallets. SHAME ON YOU CHRIS CHRISTIE! Comments like this are the reason for the problems in America, not the measly amount of money teachers get paid. How about giving politicians minimum wage to help with the deficit we have since they are grossly OVERPAID. Clearly you are very ignorant to make a comment like that.

  • Anne T.

    Special ed is counted after you have a certain number of kids in the school. They are expected to pass the same tests at grade level as their non-special ed classmates, with extra time and/or a small group setting being the only accommodations for most learning disabled kids. It’s ridiculous.

  • Yes they are. A certain percentage of IEP students are counted towards your school’s adequate yearly progress.

  • Slim

    Instead of acting in a role of English professor, please understand the point that is being made: It is an insult to suggest that teachers should receive minimum wage payments. Stop trying to make yourself more important than you really are by proving that you may know grammar a little better than the next person. Kudos yo you but don’t use it to downgrade others. Get back to the real issue.

  • Veron


  • Mary

    Yes they are!!!!

  • Adrienne

    Heather…..well stated and I totally agree with you!

  • B Man

    I am a teacher and a supporter of public education, but $240,000 debt for a teaching job that pays maybe $50,000 is a horrible economic decision. That is the parents’ fault. How could you have let your son make such a dumb mistake? My two daughters worked through high school. They lived at home while they went to community college, then they rented cheap apartments with roommates and went to a state university. They each worked all through college and graduated with no debt–no student loans, no car loans, no credit card debt. It can be done. We are not rich and we did not help them much. My wife worked just part time during most of those years.

  • Sue

    Yes they are