FOX News Says White People Have it Rough

Brian Kilmeade.
Brian Kilmeade.

Several FOX News commentators recently lamented white Americans now have things tough.

“Let’s face it, white men are the most discriminated group in America,” said “FOX and Friends,” co-host Brian Kilmeade. “The ‘Mad Men’ era was our heyday. Now we have to compete for jobs with blacks, Latinos and women in Corporate America. We can’t just show up and expect to get the job, even if we are as dumb as a rock. Now you have to actually work hard.”

Kilmeade also complained about white people being blamed for everything.

Brian Blank, a spokesperson for the National White Alliance (NWA), complained about President Barack Obama.

“Even the White House, isn’t white anymore,” he said. “Minorities are beginning to take over the political system.”

However, it should be noted white men make up 85 percent of the U.S. Congress and Barack Obama is the first non-white to serve as president since the creation of the United States.

Blank also complained about black people dominating sports.

“I can’t even watch the Negro Football League (NFL) anymore,” he said. “or the NBA. Colored people are everywhere. They’re even breaking into golf and tennis! Those used to be our sports. Fortunately, we still got ballet and gymnastics.”

Gabby Douglas was a gold medalist in gymnastics at the 2012 Olympics, and Misty Copeland, recently became the first Black American to be principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.

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  • Bukko Boomeranger

    And CHRISTIANS! Don’t forget how Christians are discriminated against, even though they represent 95% of all the TRULY religulous people in America. We finally got the Jews under control so they’re not putting us down all the time, but they’ve been supplanted by the devilspawn secular humanists, with Muslims coming up from the outside in service of militant atheism. I’d pray for the success of Christianity, if I could do that without worrying that Obomber will drone-strike me for doing so.

  • donald trump