Young Voters Don’t Think Bernie Sanders Is Cool Enough to Be President

Sen. Bernie Sanders (Carolyn Kaster/AP)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

By Billy Dane

Some young voters are not warming up to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders because they don’t think he’s cool enough.

The Business Standard News interviewed some college students at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and it seems like they simply weren’t that into Sanders.

“I know he’s talked about making college free and scaling back foreign wars, but I really don’t think he’s much to look at,” said Brad Phillips, a business major. “He looks like my grandpa or the mad scientist from ‘Back to the Future.’”

Phillips said he was attracted to Donald Trump.

“Sure Trump may have made racist comments about Blacks, Mexicans, insulted Muslims and half the world, and knows nothing about diplomacy or international affairs, but he’s cool,” said Phillips. “He says what he wants and doesn’t care who he offends. Plus, he has a private jet, he’s a billionaire and he has a hot model for a wife. What other candidate can say that?”

Stacey Simpson, a public relations major, said she liked Trump’s confidence.

“Megan Kelly accused him of making sexists comments, but I like his swagger,” Simpson said. “He’s hung out with people like P. Diddy and Jay Z. That’s hot.”

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  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Bernie Sanders has tremendous support among young people and the three people who commented in this article about how much they liked Trump are idiots in fact, anyone who likes Trump is an idiot.