Cruz Adviser Frank Gaffney Says Pope is a ‘Secret Muslim’

Pope Francis (Wikipedia)
Pope Francis (Wikipedia)

By Vernon Elliot

Frank Gaffney, a national security adviser for Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, thinks the pope is a secret Muslim.

Gaffney made the accusation in an article posted on The Conservative Chronicle.

“Pope Francis has said that Muslims and Christians worship the same god. This goes against the belief of most Christians,” said Gaffney. “He’s likely a Muslim sleeper agent who managed to infiltrate the Vatican.”

This is not the first time Gaffney, who worked in the Reagan administration, has made accusations about Muslims agents penetrating Western governments. He has also accused Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin of being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Several Republicans have also accused President Obama of being a secret Muslim. A 2015 CNN/ORC poll found 43 percent of Republicans believed Obama is a Muslim, even though he has been pictured attending church, drinking beer and eating pork.

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  • Ms Moommist

    I don’t believe the POTUS is a Muslim, in fact I don’t believe he has any real religious beliefs, but rather is a Marxist. That being said, I think that cannot be said of the Pope. He may be a Socialist by political belief, but he isn’t a Muslim. Now, that being said also, I would say that Ted Cruz’s supporters should be wooing the Catholics rather than bashing and spread untruths about their leader.

  • Sammie

    I think you’re a not so secret lunatic.
    What proof do you have?

  • james buchanan

    That really solidifies his credibility ! LOL