Hamm Says Destruction of World By the Great Flood Was an Act of Mercy

Ken Hamm
Ken Hamm

By H. Peter Johnson

Creationist Ken Hamm recently engaged in a battle with skeptics who challenged him on some aspects of the Bible. Skeptics questioned the concept of a loving god, because of the destruction of every living person, bar Noah’s family, by the Great Flood. However, Hamm defended God.

“It was a mercy kill,” said Hamm. “God saw the world was in such bad shape, he decided to put it out of it’s misery, just the way you would put down a sick dog.”

He also added, “Secularists accuse God of being immoral as He judged at the Flood but ignore the fact they’ve no absolute basis to make any moral judgment.”

According to Raw Story, Hamm is the brains behind Ark Encounter, a $100 Christian theme park in Kentucky which features a “life-sized” replica of Noah’s arc complete with baby dinosaurs. Hamm, a young earther who thinks the world is 6,000 years old, believes the arc also contained dinosaurs. Ark Encounter has been controversially funded by taxpayer money.

However, skeptics didn’t buy Hamm’s argument.

“If someone kills 99 people but lets one go because he decided they weren’t so bad he’s not a saviour, he’s a serial killer,” tweeted Scott Johnson.

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