Coulter Says Only Donald Trump Can Save America From Wave of Third World, Cannibalistic Immigrants

Ann Coulter (Twitter)
Ann Coulter (Twitter)

By Jamal Whiteman

One of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s earliest and most prominent supporters has been far-right columnist Ann Coulter. Trump is believed to have borrowed some of his anti-immigrant rhetoric from Coulter’s latest incendiary book, “Adios, America!”

Coulter is keeping up her stream of neo-racist invective.

“If we don’t elect strong, Christian, white men like Donald Trump, America will be buried in a flood of Third World immigrants who practice cannibalism and witchcraft,” said Coulter in an interview with WEHW. “Trump should just come out and say we need more white immigrants.”

Coulter has become wealthy and infamous for making offensive comments. She was once fired from the National Review for saying America should invade Muslim countries and force them to convert to Christianity. She has also made comments about there being too many Jews in the United States and once tweeted, “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” Coulter also told Muslims to travel by flying carpet or camel.

According to an article in The Miami Herald, Coulter has a chapter in her latest book titled “Penis-Chopping Immigrants.” However, the Trump campaign is still a fan of Coulter’s.

“We are grateful to Ann for voicing her enthusiasm for Mr. Trump and his candidacy,” said former Trump adviser Roger Stone. “She’s clearly been an influence, Trump likes her and thinks very highly of her. I know he’s read her book, and I know he liked it.”

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