Bakker Compares Donald Trump to Biblical King David

Jim Bakker (Twitter)
Jim Bakker (Twitter)

By H. Peter Johnson

Evangelical preacher Jim Bakker has compared Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to the biblical King David.

“Like Donald Trump, King David had a lot of flaws,” said Bakker on his television show. “But God raised him up to do great things for Israel. And God has raised Donald Trump to do great things for America.”

Although some pastors and right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck claimed Sen. Ted Cruz had been ordained by God, evangelicals are now claiming that Trump, a thrice married, casino owner, who can’t quote the bible accurately, has been divinely selected.

According to Right-Wing Watch, Zack Drew, co-host of “The Jim Bakker Show,” Rick Wiles, host of “Trunews,” has prophesied that Donald Trump will be “ushered into the White House by the hand of the Almighty.”

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