Black Voters Says They’d Rather Make Flavor Flav NAACP President Than Vote for Trump

By Billy Dane

Some Donald Trump supporters are confident of the Republican presidential candidate’s ability to win over minority voters.

Even though Trump’s presidential campaign has been marked by racially-motivated violence at his rallies and disparaging comments about Latinos and Muslims, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich believes the business magnate will win black voters.

According to the Hill, Gringrich says Trump will have “surprising success” with black voters and do even better than past Republican candidates.

“He’s going to get a surprising bigger vote there than [Mitt] Romney or George [W.] Bush,” said Gingrich in a question-and-answer session on his Facebook page.

The Business Standard News decided to interview some black voters, and they we not enamoured with Trump.

“F**k that mother****er,” said Tyrone Johnson of Atlanta. “If Donald Trump didn’t have a millionaire father, he would be running game on hoes like every other two-dollar pimp. I would rather give my whole check to my ex-wife than vote for Trump.”

Willie Pettus of Oakland was not a fan of Trump either.

“Man, that n**ger has filed for bankruptcy more times than M.C. Hammer,” said Pettus in an email to The Business Standard News. “I would rather vote for Flavor Flav as president of the NAACP than vote for Trump as president.”

A recent Atlantic article supported their views. According to the Atlantic, black voters have turned on the Republican party since President Lyndon B. Johnson passed sweeping Civil Rights legislation. Over the last 50 years, the GOP has continued to alienate black voters with racially-coded language and the Southern Strategy, which appealed to white voters who left the Democratic party after the 1960s.

“The GOP has been on a racial collision course for the last 60 years. And as the baseball legend Jackie Robinson wrote in 1962, embracing a racially antagonistic approach to politics is ‘political suicide,’ especially among racial minorities,” said Atlantic writer Leah Wright Rigueur.

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