Trump: Female HS Students Need To Be Armed Against Transgender Bathroom Predators

Donald Trump

By Billy Dane

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has suggested that female high schools students should be allowed to start carrying weapons to protect against bathroom predators.

“You know, now the Obama administration has allowed transgender men to start using female bathrooms, young women have to protect themselves,” said Trump in a radio interview on WEHW. “Girls might need to whip out their guns to protect themselves against men who might want to whip their penises out.”

Trump also advocated teachers having gun in the classroom in an interview on “Fox and Friends.”

“But remember, in some cases — a lot of people have made this case — teachers should be able to have guns. Trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms,” he said.

Trump was referring to a recently passed North Carolina law that forces transgender people to use the bathroom of their birth gender. Republicans have claimed that the law was needed to protect against predators, but have provided no information of women who have been attacked by a transgender people in female bathrooms.

State Rep. Patricia Todd, an elected official from Alabama, lambasted Republicans in a recent editorial in

“Demonizing transgender folks is wrong. Instead of focusing on the facts of where sexual assault occur and who perpetrates these attacks, the right made up a problem that doesn’t actually exist according to expert studies. The truth is that the only recorded incidents of violence in the bathrooms has been when opponents to transgender rights initiate it,” said Todd.

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