WND Columnist Says Obama Will Go on Pilgrimage to Mecca After He Leaves White House

Victoria Jackson (David Shankbone)
Victoria Jackson (David Shankbone)

By Marina Troy

World Net Daily (WND) columnist Victoria Jackson says President Barack Obama will make a pilgrimage to Mecca once he’s out of office.

Jackson again accused Obama of being “a secret Muslim,” who will give up the pretense of being a Christian, once he’s leave the presidency.

“He’s just waiting to get out of the White House, then he’ll be praying to Mecca and emailing his buddies in ISIS,” said Jackson, a former cast member on “Saturday Night Live.”

In an interview on Newsmax TV, Jackson called Obama an “Islamic jihadist.”

Several other Republicans are still convinced Obama, who attends church, drinks beer and eats pork. is really a Muslim.

Right-wing web site the Daily Caller was concerned that Obama’s new DC mansion is 1,000-feet from the Islamic Center of Washington DC.

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