Franklin Graham Claims Hillary Is Possessed By a Demonic Spirit

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

By Beverly Gates

Franklin Graham, son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, has been critical of President Barack Obama accusing him of having “the Muslim seed.” But now he is turning his guns on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to Graham, Clinton is possessed by a demonic spirit.

“It is evident that Hillary has a demonic spirit inside her,” said Graham in an interview on WEHW. “She likes to wear red, which is a demonic color. She is also not a subservient woman, because she has pursued a career outside the home and sees herself as equal to a man. That is a rebellious, Jezebel spirit.”

Several other Evangelicals are convinced that Clinton is possessed by evil spirits. Don Colbert, a guest on the Jim Bakker show, said Clinton was possessed by an “antichrist” spirit, according to Right Wing Watch.

“That spirit of Antichrist is majorly on one of these candidates, and that’s Hillary Clinton, and Jesus even said there will be many Antichrists in the world; well that spirit of Antichrist is on our president right now,” said Colbert. “So as Christians, we have got to turn out and vote. If we don’t turn out and vote, we are electing Hillary Clinton.”

Colbert also claimed he had received divine revelation that Donald Trump will be president.

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