Kansas Gov. Calls for Prayer, Fasting To Solve Budget Crisis

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

By Alan Gordon

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is asking for a day of fasting and prayer to solve the state’s financial woes. After Brownback and a Republican-led legislature embarked on a massive tax-cutting plan the state now faces a $228 million budget shortfall, according to The Topeka-Capitol Journal.

However, Brownback, a former Evangelical turned Catholic,’s latest plan is to ask for divine help.

“God came to me in a dream and told me that if the state prayed and fasted for 24 hours, we would solve our financial problems,” said Brownback in a press release.

Brownback’s Kansas was seen as an experiment in supply-side economics (Reaganomics.) But that experiment has turned into a disaster. State revenue plunged after Brownback passed the largest tax cut in American history and now Kansas is faced with cutting education and social services. In addition, some businesses are now fleeing the state in frustration, which is ironic because Brownback eliminated taxes for about 200,000 businesses as a way of attracting commerce.

Jeff Blackwood, CEO of Pathfinder Health Innovations, recently announced he had enough. In a letter posted on his company’s website. Blackwood said he was leaving the state to protest Brownback’s policies.

“I can’t, in good conscience, continue to give our tax money to a government that actively works against the needs of its citizens; a state that is systematically targeting the citizens in most need, denying them critical care and reducing their cost of life as if they’re simply a tax burden that should be ignored,” said Blackwood.

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  • defixione

    Really? Blood letting and leeches will be the new Medicaid, too.

  • Aelienora

    Oh, FFS. The Crusaders said the same thing about the siege of Jerusalem. Governor Brownbeck, let me give you a clue: a policy that is so bad that you feel you need Divine intervention is not a good policy. It isn’t working. You might want to consider taking another tack — giving up the rigid ideological blinders you wear and doing your effing job.

  • Diamond

    God told me to help the poor and care for the weak.

  • Julia L Thuston

    Is Jeff Blackwood volunteering to pay more taxes? When you are trouble even you made the trouble, fasting prayer and repentance is always the best answer.
    2 Chronicles 7:14King James Version (KJV)

    “14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  • Trishmarie Woods

    NoNo — he is a Catholic turned Evangelical who turns back into a Catholic when he thinks it will serve his political interest & then back into an Evangelical when that political wind changes. I think he’d say he was a member of the Westboro cult if he thought there was some political clout to doing so!

  • Fredo

    Sounds like a super plan Sam. Lemme know how it works out for you. Nutbag.

  • Reaganomics didn’t work in the ’80s, so why would it work now. Ike taxed the wealthy at 90%. Now that worked. ????

  • Daniel Guillot

    Governer Brownback If you get run over by a bus we shall all stand around and pray for you , no one will call for a ambulance who needs an ambulance when you have prayer?

  • You got that right!