Jim Bakker Says Pokemon Creators Are Possessed By Demons

Jim Bakker (YouTube)
Jim Bakker (YouTube)

By Hamish Balfour

Televangelist Jim Bakker has condemned the new Pokemon Go mobile game which is all the rage.

According to Bakker, the monsters featured in the game are images of demons the creators saw when they were in hell.

“The creators are showing up the kind of creatures they encountered in hell,” said Bakker. “Further proof they are demonically possessed. God came to me in a dream last night and delivered this message.”

Another evangelical Christian has condemned the new Pokemon game, according to Right Wing Watch. Rick Wiles, host of “Truenews,” also said the creators of the game were malevolent.

“The enemy, Satan, is targeting churches with virtual, digital, cyber-demons,” said WIles: “I believe this thing is a magnet for demonic powers.”

He added the game could be used by Islamic terrorists to target Christians.

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  • Eve

    I’d love to see proof of the Jim Bakker comment as I have looked at the shows that have been filmed since Pokemon was first even in the media and he has not said a word about it. Why don’t you link it to your source?