Robertson Said He Had Vision of Trump Seated ‘At the Right Hand of the Lord’

Pat Roberton
Pat Roberton

By Michael Hoult

Some Evangelical Christians are beginning to hold presumed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in high esteem. Several Evangelicals, including walking gaffe former Rep. Michelle Bachmann, already believe Trump, the thrice married, casino magnate, who appeared on the cover of Playboy, has been ordained by God.

But televangelist Pat Robertson has taken it one step further. He believes Trump is on par with Jesus Christ.

“God came to me in a dream last night and showed me the future,” said Robertson. “He took me to heaven and I saw Donald Trump seated at the right hand of our Lord.”

According to Raw Story, Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, a 12,000-member megachurch, said Trump would make a better candidate than Jesus.

“You know, I was debating an evangelical professor on NPR, and this professor said, ‘Pastor, don’t you want a candidate who embodies the teaching of Jesus and would govern this country according to the principles found in the Sermon on the Mount?’” said Jeffress. “I said, ‘Heck no.’ I would run from that candidate as far as possible, because the Sermon on the Mount was not given as a governing principle for this nation.”

“When I’m looking for somebody who’s going to deal with ISIS and exterminate ISIS, I don’t care about that candidate’s tone or vocabulary, I want the meanest, toughest, son of a you-know-what I can find — and I believe that’s biblical,” said Jeffress.

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  • Gary Markle

    ~ The Separation Of Church And Hate:

    There is a good reason why Church and State must always remain separate. Let’s get something straight, right from the start: A theocratic state is not a free state, and never will be. I’m sure it was never Jesus’ intention nor was it His will that anyone should be dominated in His name, the name of Christ. That is the will of men. To be accurate, the concept in itself is anti-Christian. You can only follow Christ by choice, not by legislation.

    It seems some people are more intent on casting stones at perceived sinners than propagating the love of Christ. ~ “Above all else, I command you love one another”. ~ This was the message that Jesus preached, and as far as I can see, the worth of a soul will only be measured as such. But I can assure you of one thing, when your time of judgment comes, you won’t be asked to recite scripture, but rather, if anything, the question will be: Did you get the message and live by it?

    For all of you people out there on the religious right, you should try to remember that looking for sins to condemn, and people to persecute in the name of God, is simply Satan’s way of keeping you from seeing what is good and praiseworthy. It’s Satan’s favorite means of deceit; getting people to hate and kill each other in the name of God and Christ Jesus. Twisting scripture to incite hatred and division.

    Understand this; that by doing so, you are defaming the name of Christ, associating Jesus with bigotry and hate. Jesus was never cursed with these feelings, these sins that you commit in His name. It’s widely agreed that He rose above it all, and to use His name for the justification of spreading contempt and hatred for anyone is true heresy. It isn’t Pro-Christ by any means, but clearly Anti-Christ.

    ~ It doesn’t really seem to matter at this point if you believe in God and Christ or not. What we have are Anti-Christians, the antithesis of the persona Jesus, and they are attempting, through legislation, to declare America to be a theocratic state and nation, legitimizing discrimination under the false guise of “religious freedom”. If you’re not one of the “chosen” you’re fair game for persecution, oppression and abuse. It’s a perfect “us” and “them” scenario. If you express opposing views to the “Order” or you’re a non-believer, or in any way perceived as a “sinner”, they’ll be coming for you.

    ~ Anti-Christians ~ The scriptures flow as sweet as honey from their lips, seducing and robbing in the name of God. These are the ones Jesus spoke of that would come in the End Times and deceive many in His name. Anti-Christians: You will know them by their bigotry, their hatred, and their contempt for “others”.

  • Gary Markle

    ~ The Christian Dilemma:

    The greatest threat to America, and indeed to the rest of world, at this point in history, comes from the staunch advocates of right wing ideology, and I must submit this warning to you: There is a grave problem with the right wing movement, in that; they seem to possess a distorted sense of entitlement. They’ve set themselves apart, and seem to think that their faith gives them the right to view the world from a platitude of conceit, through condescending eyes, and with a false sense of superiority. They actually believe themselves to be superior beings, with a manifest destiny and some strange notion that God is on their side. A people with a desire to conquer, under the false guise of Christianity, seeking to dominate in the name of Christ, their view of humanity being reduced to nothing more than a matter of “us” and “them”.

    What they fail to realize is; if the Christ you believe in leads you to view other humans as lesser beings, then you are a follower of the anti-Christ. The plain truth is; God doesn’t have a religion and God doesn’t discriminate. Any religion that professes to be the only true religion, or that they‘re special in the eyes of God preaches false doctrine. If the Spirit of God is truly with you, it will only be known by acts of “unconditional” love and charity. No religion can claim exclusive rights to God. He belongs to all that He has created, and to foster a belief in “us” and “them” is to divide humanity, not unite it.

    And so it will be, in The End, that those who have set themselves apart from their fellow man will find that they have set themselves apart from God. The worth of a soul will only be measured by how much it has loved, nothing more, nothing less. Woe to those who have taken the widow’s mite and built castles and empires in His name. They have incurred a great accountability, their suffering will be unending.

    Even Jesus will not claim to be Christian, but will only proclaim the glory of the Father. And when He returns they will shout: “Here we are Lord!” And He will respond: “I never knew you”. They have forsaken the Word and have become prisoners of the Numbers.

    Those who have put themselves first will be last.

  • Marvin J. Beeson

    There is a religion today that claims to be the religion of peace and if youbdont say they are they will kill you. And jesus said you will know them by their fruits, we are taught its us against them like the usa and russia growing up i had a certain fear of russia but as i got older and learned some things i liked russia and the russian people my grandparents came to the usa from Lithuania growing up here always feeling the usa was right i see it has been so wrong i believe after our government assassinated jfk this country has never been the same its hard not to see the us vs. them philosophy now its us vs. islam because they are bringing it to us our government has been involved with too many shady deals and now its caught up with them they have sold out the american people no surprise there after looking at the american indian all i can say is wow

  • Cindy H.

    And the meek shall inherit the Earth. I have never been so disappointed in the people who are in positions to influence so many, deciding to use God for their political agendas. It’s one thing to ask for guidance and pray for us all in this upcoming election but to portray a certain candidate in a somewhat “Heavenly Light” has crossed the line with me. And that is why I have cut my ties and donations and gone with another charity!

  • Mary Cole

    WRONG…SACRILEGIOUS! It’s the Son of GOD, the LORD Jesus Christ who is now seated at the Right Hand of GOD ALMIGHTY!

  • Donna Sellers

    The Word of God is first and final authority. We are to read it, learn from it, and live by it. God’s love is extended to all, but not all will receive it nor live by it. Those of us who do, are to pray for those who are running from it that they may decide to want or need salvation and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. That’s how we are to love one another. Not to accept their sin or ungodly lifestyle, but to pray for them to be delivered from it and accept Jesus as their Lord.

  • Laura

    This is not true Robert did not say any of this what is your problem what kind of crap are you trying to spread now knock it off! So sick of the lying liberal media! We watch this at 10 o’clock pm every night and again I never heard him talk like this! Shame on you ! shame on you !!???? I want to see a video clip of this if it’s true!

  • That whole statement is misguided and twisted … a Christian is someone who follows Jesus Christ witch is truth ! We as Christians, hate sin and judge it righteously to be evil ! It is a God given ability to distinguish what is good and what is evil upon receiving personal salvation! The truth shall set you free and the truth is Jesus Christ. Amen and God bless 😉

  • Mel

    The Business Standard News is a satirical site designed to parody the 24-hour news cycle. The stories are outlandish, but reality is so strange nowadays they could be true.