Right Wingers Look to Savior Trump to End ‘War on White People’

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

By H. Peter Johnson

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has tried to distance himself from white supremacists. But according to posters on Stormfront, white nationalists are looking to Trump to turn their fortunes around.

Poster Thor54 said white people, especially white men, were losing ground.

“First we had a mud person in the White House and now they want to put a bitch there,” he said. “That position belongs to white men. We need to elect Donald Trump so he can end the war on white people.”

A female poster who went by the moniker “OrangeCounty1488,” looked to Trump as a messiah. “We are Trump Republicans!” she wrote. “America needs you Mr. Trump! The Western World needs you Mr. Trump! The entire world needs you Mr. Trump!”

It seems there are plenty of aggrieved white men on the political right these days.

Larry Klayman, a notorious birther and conspiracy theorist, is currently suing President Barack Obama “for endangering his life as a white man,” according to Right Wing Watch.

“President Obama — who I call, actually, the Muslim-in-chief — favors his own people over other people,” said Klayman in an interview with Rick Wiles, host of “Trunews.” “We deserve to be treated equally. I’m, in effect, a civil rights lawyer. I was on Fox News yesterday about that, the business channel, and I just pointed out that everybody needs to be represented by our president, not just blacks, not just Muslims, and not just black Muslims.”

Klayman also said Obama had deliberately made life worse for white people.

“We’re equal to African-Americans, we’re not inferior, and Obama has treated us as if we are inferior in the last many years,” he said. “I mean, overtaxing, Obamacare, destroying the entire healthcare system to take care of a few, executive amnesty, which brings in a lot of illegal aliens that commit crimes, a lot of them across the Mexican border, even Muslim terrorists, they’re being left in this country, bringing in people from Syria, everything else. It’s all part of his plan. It’s his clever caliphate, basically, to turn this country into, you know, something like his Middle Eastern brothers would have, and I hate to say that and it sounds extreme, but it’s gotten worse and worse.”

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