Peterson: BLM Is Bigger Threat to US Than Al-Qaeda

Jesse Lee Peterson (YouTube)
Jesse Lee Peterson (YouTube)

By Billy Dane
Leading black conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has branded Black Lives Matter a bigger threat to the United States than Al-Qaeda.

“Black Lives Matter is even more dangerous than Al-Qaeda, because they are already within our borders,” said Peterson on his radio. “You can bomb Al-Qaeda into submission, but Black Lives Matters terrorists are protected by the constitution.”

Several conservative figures have branded Black Lives Matter a terrorist group but have yet to provide proof linking them to acts of violence. Mychal Massie, a columnist with far-wing conspiracy site World Net Daily, compared Black Matters to the KKK, America’s oldest terrorist group, according to Right Wing Watch.

“And people say, ‘Well, how can you say they’re worse than the KKK?’ Well, they’re worse than the KKK because the KKK did not have a forum in all of the mainstream newspapers and media outlets to spew their hatred, but Black Lives Matter is given that forum. Black Lives Matter and their adherents are given a platform and legitimized to spew forth hatred under the guise that blacks have it so bad in America, so that makes them worse,” said Massie, in an interview with Rick Wiles’ “Trunews.”

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