Trump Supporters Say Capt. Humayun Khan Not A Hero, ‘Real American’

Bill Mitchell, Trump supporter (YouTube)
Bill Mitchell, Trump supporter (YouTube)

By Hamish Balfour

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s attacks on the Khan family, whose son died saving his troops from a suicide bomber, have been widely condemned. But the real estate mogul is getting support from some sources.

Right-wing radio commentator Michael Savage criticized the Khans, who are originally from Pakistan.

“They aren’t real Americans,” he said on his radio show. “They just signed some paperwork to get a better life. They’re not real truck-driving, gun-owning Americans. You can’t be a real American with a name like Khizr Khan.”

Savage is not the only person to question the Khans. Bill Mitchell, a Trump supporter, posted a message on Twitter downplaying Capt. Humayun Khan’s sacrifice.

“Hate to spit in the politically correct punchbowl but getting shot or blown up in the line of duty makes you a soldier, not a hero,” he wrote.

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