World Net Daily: Obama Named Madrassa Classmate Federal Judge

President Barack Obama (U.S. Navy)
President Barack Obama (U.S. Navy)

By Michael Hoult

President Barack Obama’s nomination of Muslim Abid Riaz Qureshi to serve as a federal judge is drawing howls of protests from the right.

Right-wing conspiracy site World Net Daily has accused Qureshi, a Harvard Law grad, of being nominated because he was Obama’s classmate in an Indonesian madrassa. Obama has battled rumors of being a Muslim who attended a madrassa.

“This guy’s only qualification is the fact he sat next to Obama in a terrorist training school,” said Joseph Farah, World Net Daily CEO.

Other Republicans were concerned that Quereshi’s appointment would spark the end of the country.

Breitbart News tweeted: “Pack it up, folks. Fun country while it lasted.”

A Twitter user called Bloodylouver was even more explicit: “We need trump, these fcking muzzies r taking over and the Dems and Repubs r happy to do it.”

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