CNN Considering Hiring Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson

Katrina Pierson (YouTube)
Katrina Pierson (YouTube)

By Marina Troy
CNN is considering bringing on another Donald Trump campaign person. According to media insiders, CNN president Jeff Zucker is debating offering Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson a position as a commentator.

“Katrina is a frequent guest on the network and she is known for her lively exchanges,” said Zucker. “I think she will broaden our appeal and add to our credibility.”

Pierson is known for her disastrous on-air performances which are often filled with lies and inaccuracies, earning her the nickname “Hurricane Katrina.” One of her gaffes was associating President Barack Obama with the 2004 Iraq war. (He was a senator at the time.)

Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign chair, is already a commentator on CNN. He was hired by the network after the Trump campaign fired him. Lewandowski was a divisive figure who was accused of assaulting Michelle Fields, a former Breitbart reporter.

More controversially, Lewandowski is still being paid by Trump for advice. CNN recently denied they were terminating Lewandowski.

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