Jesse Lee Peterson: Black Youths Should Use ‘Self-Made’ Trump as Role Model, Not Hip-Hop Stars

Jesse Lee Peterson (Facebook)
Jesse Lee Peterson (Facebook)

By Jamal Whiteman

Conservative commentator Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has urged black youths to look to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as a role model instead of hip-hop figures like Diddy and Dr. Dre.

“Donald Trump is a self-made billionaire who pulled himself up by his bootstraps,” said Peterson on his radio show. “He didn’t have any help. Trump is an American success story.”

Peterson added that Trump was a better role model than “hip-hop thugs.”

Donald Trump’s son, Eric, echoed this sentiment in a recent interview on FOX News’ “Outnumbered.” He claimed that his father came from nothing. However, Julie Roginsky found this hilarious.

“Nothing? He got a million bucks! Come on, Eric,” said Roginsky, according to Mediaite.

Both Eric Trump and Peterson are wrong. They are both buying into Trump’s spin. He likes to portray himself as a self-made man, but in reality he received a “small loan of $1 million” from his father, Fred. He also eventually inherited $200 million and also benefitted from his father’s business and political connections.

Hip-hop moguls like Diddy and Dr. Dre are the true bootstrappers. Both Dre and Diddy were born to modest, single-parent families, but now Dre is worth $810M and Diddy is worth $730M. And neither of them received a $1 million loan from their father to get their businesses started.

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