Trump Supporters Threaten to Form Breakaway Nation

Donald Trump with supporters in Arizona. (Gage Skidmore)
Donald Trump with supporters in Arizona. (Gage Skidmore)

By Mary Washington

Sensing a looming defeat supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are threatening to form their own breakaway country. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says he has received reports that states which Trump wins are going to form their own country called the Christian United Nation of Trumperica.

“I have sources in several of these states, which are mainly in the South, and they will not accept ‘Crooked Hillary’ as their president,” said Jones on his radio show “Info Wars.”

While this might sound ridiculous, this is not the first time conservatives have suggested leaving the union. According to the Washington Times, two years ago Doug MacKinnon, a former speechwriter for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, suggested southern states secede from the United States and form their own country. The suggested name for the new nation was Reagan.

Jones is not the first Trump supporter to threaten a civil war. Former Rep. Michele Bachmann also suggested that a Hillary Clinton victory could lead to a violent uprising, according to Right Wing Watch.

“Donald Trump still believes in an old-fashioned America, where we, the little people, get to vote and have our say,” said Bachmann in an interview with conservative radio show host Rusty Humphries. “Hillary Clinton is completely different. She sold her soul, essentially, to the Goldman Sachs of the world and that’s who she dances to. And that’s difference in this election, and it’s almost like another revolutionary war. So it’s up to people like your listeners to make sure they get out there, vote for Trump and do everything that they can to vote down-ballot to make sure that we don’t lose this county.”

Trump’s vice presidential nominee Mike Pence faced a similar comment at a recent campaign appearance in Iowa.

According to CNN, a woman told Pence she was ready to take up arms against a Clinton government.

“Our lives depend on this election. Our kids’ futures depend on this election and I will tell you just for me, and I don’t want this to happen but I will tell you for me personally if Hillary Clinton gets in, I myself, I’m ready for a revolution because we can’t have her in,” said the Trump supporter.

Trump has convinced his followers that his failing campaign has been caused by a grand conspiracy and the election will be rigged against him. However, several news reports state that donations have dried up and several Republicans have unendorsed the reality TV star as more reports leak out about his history of sexual harassment.

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