Evangelicals Attribute Donald Trump’s Energy to the Holy Spirit

Pastor Mark Burns (Twitter)
Pastor Mark Burns (Twitter)

By Kevin Schaffino

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has insinuated that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the stamina to handle the rigors of the presidency. However, some of Trump’s evangelical followers have attributed his endurance to God’s blessing.

“Donald Trump has been blessed with endurance by God,” said Franklin Graham. “It’s unusual for a man of his age to be able to take on such a demanding regime and also deal with a much younger wife. I see God’s hand at work.”

Other Evangelicals also share Graham’s views. Pastor Mark Burns, a Trump supporter who was embarrassed on CNN for lying about his resume, said the reality TV star is powered by the Holy Spirit.

“If you had a one-on-one conversation, he would suck you in and he would have you to believe that he truly cares about whatever you are going through, Rick, whatever you’re going through, he would be so focused, because he’s a master listener and only the Holy Spirit could have done that,” said Burns during an appearance on Rick Wiles’ show “Trunews.”

Wiles later described Trump as the “Rocky Balboa” of American politics.

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