Robertson Says He Had Vision of Trump In White House

Donald Trump and Pat Robertson (YouTube)
Donald Trump and Pat Robertson (YouTube)

By Michael Hoult

Televangelist Pat Robertson is one of several Evangelical Christians who are standing firmly behind Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

During an interview with WEHW radio Roberson said he predicted Trump would be victorious.

“God came to me in a dream last night and showed me a vision of Donald and Melania in front of the White House during the inauguration,” said Robertson. “I also saw Obama in the dream and he didn’t look too happy.”

According to Right Wing Watch, Robertson warned Las Vegas bookies not to wager against Trump.

“I want to give a warning to the bookies in Vegas,” said Robertson during a Trump rally at Regents University. “If you bet against Donald Trump, you’re gonna lose your shirt.

However, Robertson has a poor track record of predicting the future. In 2012, he incorrectly predicted Republican president nominee Mitt Romney would be victorious and serve two terms. He has also incorrectly predicted the end of the world several times.

Back in the real world, Trump is trailing badly in the polls to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The New York Times predicted Clinton has a 92 percent chance victory. Nate Silver’s site gave Clinton an 86 percent of winning the election.

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