Savage Warns That Blacks May ‘Go Django’ If Trump Wins

By Jamal Whiteman

Conservative commentator Michael Savage has warned his listeners to arm themselves in case “the blacks” turn violent when Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wins.

“When Mr. Trump wins the presidency it will upset the militant black-liberal progressive alliance,” said Savage on his show “The Savage Nation.” “Trump is going to give them jobs, not welfare checks and they will react violently to that. Conservatives need to protect themselves against people in the inner city ‘going Django.’”

Savage is referring to the Quentin Tarantino movie “Django Unchained”, where a gun-slinging ex-slave takes violent retribution on white plantation owners.

Several election officials around the country are preparing themselves for violence, but it might come from Trump supporters. The reality TV star has urged his supporters to monitor voting in “certain neighborhoods,” which seems to be a disaster waiting to happen.

A Denver election worker told NPR she was prepared for all scenarios.

“You know, it’s unfortunate that we have to do this, but we want to be overly prepared,” said Amber McReynolds, director of elections for the city and county of Denver. “We have added in an active shooter training into our election judge training.”

Former Rep. Joe Walsh, shocked many people when he tweeted that he was ready to take up arms in the event of a Trump loss.

Walsh is one of several Trump supporters who have threatened a civil war if Hillary Clinton rigs the election. His account was later shut down by Twitter.

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