Trump Supporters Claim He’ll Win a Landslide As Black Voters Turn on ‘Unpopular’ Obama

Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson

By Alan Gordon

Right-wing commentator Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has predicted Republican nominee Donald Trump will win a crushing victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

“Blacks may not say it, but I think secretly they want to be like Trump,” said Peterson in a World Net Daily column. “They want to be able to fly around in a private jet, have a beautiful wife and say whatever they want. That’s what these rappers are doing.”

Peterson also predicted Trump would get 80 percent of the black vote, “if blacks were smart enough to leave the Democratic plantation.”

“Obama is not popular in the black community because he hasn’t done nothing for black people,” said Peterson. “They’re looking for something else.”

Fellow pastor Darrell Scott also predicted Trump would win the black vote. According to Mediaite, Trump supporter Bill Mitchell also claims President Barack Obama is so unpopular in the black community, African Americans will support Trump.

“I think you could argue — and this will be controversial — I think you could argue that in the last eight years Barack Obama has done far more to harm the black community than the Ku Klux Klan has,” said Mitchell in an interview on the Jamie Weinstein radio show.

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