Jones: Illuminati Silenced Kanye Because He was Going to Expose Reptilian Aliens

Alex Jones (Brent Humphreys/Esquire)
Alex Jones (Brent Humphreys/Esquire)

By Jamal Whiteman

Trust conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to see a more sinister reason behind the hospitalization of rap star Kanye West. West was recently hospitalized for “exhaustion,” after he made bizarre pro-Donald Trump rants at a concert.

But Jones thinks West was silenced because he planned to release some damaging information.

“The Hollywood branch of the Illuminati had to shut him up because he was about to go public about the shape-shifting reptilian aliens, who secretly control the world,” said Jones on his show “Info Wars.”

According to Right Wing Watch, Jones said that West was arrested for “supporting Trump while black.”

“They’re going to drug his ass up until he does what he’s told,” said Jones.

He was also critical of West’s wife, reality star Kim Kardashian. He said she had a “big ass ugly butt, looks like a buffalo butt, a giant ass elephant butt.”

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