Bolling Blames Black Santa on PC Culture, Says ‘Next They’ll Claim Jesus Wasn’t White’

Eric Bolling
Eric Bolling

By Jamal Whiteman

Racists are up in arms at the Mall of America which has decided to employ a black Santa.

According to Raw Story, Peter Morgan wrote on CBS Minnesota, “Stupid. Incredibly stupid. Santa is WHITE. BOYCOTT Mall of America. Maybe they should change their name to MALL of RAGHEAD LAND.”

FOX News commentator Eric Bolling was particularly incensed and blamed it on PC culture run amok.

“Where does it end?” he said on “The Five.” “First they make Santa black, the next thing the leftists will start saying Jesus wasn’t white.”

Most present-day scholars believe that, although portrayed as a Caucasian in most Western artwork, Jesus was likely of Middle Eastern descent.

Bolling isn’t the only FOX News commentator to make this gaffe. A few years ago, Megyn Kelly embarrassed herself when she declared Jesus was white.

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