Savage: Trump Will Usher in A New Era of Racial Harmony

Michael Savage (YouTube)
Michael Savage (YouTube)

By Kevin Schaffino

Right-wing radio show host Michael Savage believes President-elect Donald Trump will usher in a new era of racial harmony.

“The idea of America being a racist country is largely a creation of the liberal left,” said Savage on his show “The Savage Nation.” “Trump will get the media to focus on the positives and ignore race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.”

In spite of the fact that Trump ran one of the most racially divisive campaigns in recent years and the Southern Poverty Law Center has reported more than 800 post-election racial attacks, conservatives insist the country has no racial problems.

CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord was recently criticized by his fellow commentators when he claimed that all Americans were treated the same.

“There are no people of color in this country,” said Lord. “There are only Americans.”

Fellow panelist Maria Cardona said people of color are treated differently.

“You as a white American have had a very different experience in this country than me as a Latina,” said Cardona. “I’m sure people do not come up to you to say you should be deported, your children should be deported because they’re anchor babies.”

FOX News commentator Tucker Carlson recently hosted the Manhattan Institute’s Heather MacDonald, who claimed that white people are more often the victims of racism.

“But there is very little evidence of classic racism any longer, which is why clever civil rights attorneys have come up with this concept called disparate impact discrimination, which forgoes finding any actual evidence of discrimination,” said MacDonald. “What we really have in most institutions today is reverse racism. You have every selective college in the United States practicing reverse discrimination and allowing black and Hispanic students to be admitted with academic qualifications that would automatically disqualify a white or Asian student.”

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