Bolling: Trump Presidency Could Lead to New Baby Boom

Eric Bolling
Eric Bolling

By Marina Troy

FOX News commentator Eric Bolling remains bullish about the potential Donald Trump administration, according to the Patriot Media News.

Bolling believes Trump’s presidency could turn several things around.

“Once Obama is out of office, people will start feeling good about themselves again, now they have a patriotic president who loves the country,” said Bolling. “I predict it could lead to a new baby boom.”

Like many Trump supporters, Bollin fails to realize the stock market did well under Obama and he cut the unemployment rate in half. Dr. Kevin Campbell, another FOX News commentator, believes Trump will reduce the suicide rate.

“We have to give our kids hope again, and I’m hoping with the new administration we can do that. Make people feel good about what’s going on, support our children, support our seniors, make sure everyone feels like they got a fighting chance,” said Campbell, according to Raw Story.

However, VICE reported that a national suicide line saw a 140 percent increase in phone calls on the night of Trump’s victory.

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