Nugent Says He Has A Gut Feeling Obama is a Muslim

Ted Nugent (YouTube)

By Jamal Whiteman

Conservative firebrand Ted Nugent said that he doubts President Barack Obama is being honest about his background.

“The jury is still out on his heritage,” said Nugent during an appearance on FOX News. “I have a gut feeling he’s a Muslim or was born in Kenya”

FOX News commentator Jeanine Pirro also cast aspersions on Obama’s heritage during a pro-Vladimir Putin rant. Pirro praised Putin, who has been implicated in the hack of the DNC which helped sway the election in Donald Trump favor, for fighting terrorism, according to Raw Story.

“At least he’s a Christian,” said Pirro implying that Obama was a Muslim.

Pirro’s views are not unusual among Republicans. A 2015 Public Polling Poll survey showed more than half of GOPers still believe Obama practices Islam.

In related news, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced a press conference where he plans to release additional information about the investigation into Obama’s birth certificate.

“Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Chief Investigator Mike Zullo will be presenting their newest revelations to the years’ long investigation of the birth certificate presented by the White House in 2011 of President Obama,” said a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office press release.

Arpaio, who was voted out of office in November, launched an investigation into the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate in 2012. But even Trump, who was a leading birther, admits Obama was born in America.

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  • Daw

    Let it go. Damn

  • MrE

    I have a gut feeling that draft-dodging Teddy is insane loser.

  • Ted Nugent and half of the GOP believe that Obama practicing Islam. Based on what? He eats pork? He drinks alcohol? He supports gay rights?