Alt Right Accuse ‘Hamilton’ of Promoting ‘White Genocide’

Cast members perform musical selections from the Broadway musical “Hamilton” at the White House. (Amanda Lucidon)

By Alan Gordon

White nationalists have again attacked the smash-hit play “Hamilton.” This time they are claiming the Broadway show promotes “white genocide,” a favorite complaint of the far right.

“‘Hamilton’ is about the founding fathers, yet most of the cast is black or Latino,” said Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance. “This is a subliminal message that they want to eliminate white people.”

The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist site, called the play, “white genocide turned into entertainment.”

This is not the first time “Hamilton” has run into political controversy. The Broadway show was attacked by Donald Trump when the cast respectfully asked Vice President-elect Mike Pence to respect the rights of minorities.

White nationalists, also known as the alt right, seem to find “white genocide” everywhere in popular culture. White nationalists called for a boycott of the Star Wars film “Rogue One,” claiming it featured a cast of multi-ethnic heroes battling white villains, according to Wired.

“Two Feminist propaganda Star Wars movies in a row, and Mark Hamill says Luke Skywalker may be gay. Time to #DumpStarWars,” said Mark Dice on Twitter.

The boycott didn’t work because “Rogue One” has made more than $300 million at the box office.

But Raw Story reports that white nationalists are up in arms over a new outrage. Apparently, they are upset that President-elect Donald Trump posted a “Happy Hanukkah” tweet. (Trump’s daughter Ivanka is a convert to Judaism.)

However, Trump supporters were incensed.

“Stop supporting Israel, President Trump, they are pushing #WhiteGenocide . Do not assist them in wiping out our race,” said a Twitter user called shoahnuffrises.

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