Right-Wingers: Megyn Kelly Left ‘Credible’ Network for Liberal Media

Megyn Kelly (GQ)
By Marina Troy

People on the right are hopping mad at former golden girl Megyn Kelly, who has bolted the scandal-ridden FOX News for NBC News.

Kelly’s departure is no surprise. It’s was an open secret in the media world that she was looking to leave FOX News and was fed up with the workplace culture. The sex scandal involving former FOX News CEO Roger Ailes was one more reason for her to leave.

Kelly also clashed with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during the primaries and caught the wrath of his followers. More recently she has engaged in a public feud with FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly.

Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance, said Kelly had ruined her once stellar reputation.

“Kelly was a leading star in the right-wing media, but she must have drunk the kool-aid,” said Blanc, in a press release. “She has tarnished her crown by leaving a credible news organization like FOX, to join NBC, which is part of the liberal, left mainstream media.”

According to Raw Story, Kelly’s Facebook page was on fire with angry comments.

“Good Riddance…you always were a liberal whiner,” said a poster called Charles Gardner. “You’ll be a perfect fit for the fake news at NBC.”

Other posters agreed with Blanc and said Kelly had lost her credibility.

“Off to the government sponsored a-la-carte propaganda provider. NBC News has absolutely ZERO credibility. ZERO. Ask Brian Williams,” said a poster called Carl Wesley Clark.

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