Conway: Stick to Credible News Sources, Like Infowars

Kellyanne Conway (YouTube)

By Alan Gordon

The Donald Trump transition team was rocked by an explosive report leaked yesterday that claimed Russia was using financial ties and a damning sex tape to control the president-elect.

According to the report, which was compiled by a British intelligence agent who has experience in Russia, Trump was secretly recorded partying with Russian prostitutes. The report, published by BuzzFeed, says Trump also requested the prostitutes perform golden showers. (Playing with urine.)

In response, the Trump campaign has deployed spokesperson Kellyanne Conway to refute the allegations. She said this was a smear campaign designed to delegitimize Trump.

“This is fake news,” said Conway in a WEHW radio. “People need to stick to more credible sources, like Infowars.”

Conway also reinforced the point on “Good Morning America.”

“This is a report from the internet, not from the intelligence community, these 35 pages rife with misspellings completely unverified,” said Conway said. “I think it’s just fake. I would take the news word right out of it.”
Infowars is a website and online radio show run by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones believes the government was behind 9/11 and the Sandy Hook shooting.

During an interview with VICE, Jones said that he needs to study the enemy to see if they are involved with diabolical activity.

“We know who they are, where they vacation, how they operate, what their plans are, what type of Satanism they carry out,” said Jones.

VICE correspondent Michael Moynihan pointed out a whiteboard where Jones rated the media. Jones ranks mainstream outlets like ABC and the New York Times as “fake,” and Russia Today, which is an outlet for Russian dictator tyrant Vladimir Putin, as “free.”

During a contentious press conference this morning, Trump got into a spat with CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Trump also branded CNN “fake news.’

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  • Ben

    Your bio of Infowars and Alex jones was a vile and quite obvious misrepresentation with a clear agenda to undermine their near flawless reputation. they have been and remain the tip of the spear in investigative journalism. Instead of trying to discredit them ( which only makes them stronger) try learning something Like Kelly has
    Best of luck

    • MrE

      I agree; Infowars is a credible news source – if it weren’t for Alex Jones, how would we know about all those shape-shifting green lizard aliens inhabiting our planet?