Trump Supporters Complain About Too Many Minorities in Largely White Cabinet

Dr. Ben Carson (Gage Skidmore)

By Marina Troy

President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet is largely made up of wealthy white men and retired generals, but that’s not enough for white nationalists. According to posters on Stormfront, they would have preferred an all-white cabinet.

“I’m disappointed that Trump bought into the diversity lie, which really means white genocide,” said a poster called Panzer2015. “He bowed to the PC crowd by nominating a darkie, chink and a towel head. He was supposed to make America great again, and that means going back to how things were in the 1950s.”

But in reality the Trump cabinet lacks diversity. According to news reports, it’s the first cabinet to have no Hispanics since the Ronald Reagan years.

Sean Spicer, who has been named White House press secretary, was confronted about the lack of Latinos in the Trump administration, according to Raw Story. He responded by pointing to Dr. Ben Carson, Trump’s Housing and Urban Development secretary. Carson is African American.

“I think that when you look at the totality at his administration — the people that he’s talked to, the people that he’s met with, the people that he’s appointing — you see a president who’s committed to uniting this country, who’s bringing the best and brightest together,” said Spicer during a press conference. “Look at the cabinet — Elaine Chao, Dr. Ben Carson, Nikki Haley, the first Indian-American.”

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