FOX News Cans Stacey Dash After Viewers Call Her ‘Jungle Bunny’ ‘Too Ethnic’

Stacey Dash (Media Matters)

By Mary Washington

Several media sources are reporting that FOX News has decided to part ways with actress-turned-commentator Stacey Dash.

In spite of her strident criticism of the left and often inaccurate comments, it turns out she was not popular with FOX News Channel (FNC) viewers. According to emails leaked to the Business Standard News, FNC viewers felt that she was neither conservative nor white enough.

“Please get that jungle bunny off the screen,” said a viewer called Ed Skaggs from Tulsa, Okla. “If I wanted to see black faces, I’d watch BET.”

A viewer called Marianne Richards from Dallas, Texas claimed Dash was too liberal.

“I just don’t trust her,” said Richards. “Is she a Muslim?”

Other comments complained about Dash being “too ethnic” and “not hot enough.”

Dash was always a curious choice as a political commentator. Although she claimed to be conservative, she has been married three times and has posed for Playboy. She has very little political experience and voted for President Barack Obama in 2008. However, Dash has carved out a new path as a conservative commentator after her career in Hollywood stalled. She became a national figure when she said she was voting for Romney and was later embraced by the right-wing media. Dash also claimed she was blackballed by Hollywood for her political views.

She drew controversy for making anti-transgender comments, calling rape victims “bad girls who like to be naughty” and bashing black history month and BET. (Ironically, Dash used to work for BET.)

According to #blacktwitter, Dash’s main role was to beat up on Obama and other black people. And now he’s gone, FOX News has no use for her.

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