Savage: No President Has Been As Disrespected As Trump

Michael Savage (YouTube)

By Breanna Marcos

Republicans are pushing back against the press and its campaign to ask tough questions about President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. Right-wing radio host Michael Savage feels the press has gone too far. He said this level of criticism is unprecedented.

“The press has become the opposition party,” said Savage on his radio show “The Savage Nation.” “They are just blatantly disrespectful. We have never seen the level of disrespect for a president before.”

However, Trump literally built his political career on promoting the birther conspiracy theory, which claimed President Barack Obama wasn’t born in America. Birtherism was essentially an eight-year smear campaign. Media Matters has compiled a video of Republican attacks lobbed at Obama during his two terms in the White House. They include accusations of “hating white people,” and calling him a “mongrel,” “liar” and a “Muslim.”

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