Peterson: Black Anchor Who Filed Suit Against FOX Should Be ‘Grateful to White People’

Jesse Lee Peterson (YouTube)

By Breanna Marcos

Black conservative the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has attacked Kelly Wright, a FOX News anchor, who is one of at least 13 black employees suing the company for racial discrimination. Black employees have complained that supervisors made them arm wrestle and also asked them questions such as if their children all had the same father.

“Wright is just ungrateful,” said Paterson on his radio show. “He should be happy to be employed at FOX. This is typical of black people, we are never appreciative of all the great things white people have done for us.”

Peterson, who once appeared on the Political Cesspool, a white supremacist radio show, is infamous for his anti-black comments. After Hurricane Katrina, he accused black people who didn’t leave New Orleans of being and “lazy.”

Peterson’s comments about Wright were echoed by commentators on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze.

“I for one am tired of this ‘racist’ crap,” said a poster called centurion44. “Black folks need to stop complaining, do the job they were hired for without complaints every five minutes. next up is ‘reparations,’ reparations for what?”

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