FOX Employees Lament Not Being Able To Make Racist, Sexist Comments Anymore

James Muroch (NRKbeta/Flickr)

By Alan Gordon

The Business Standard News’ FOX News insider has leaked another email revealing long-time FOX insiders are getting worried about the new attitudes being pushed by the Murdoch brothers, who are now running the network.

In an article in Mediaite, former FOX News Vice President Ken LaCorte lamented the sweeping changes.

“Reading details of the episodes, particularly from Michael Wolff‘s accounts, the younger Murdochs, particularly James, were the catalysts for these massive changes, over the initial reluctance of their father. And that’s the rub,” said LaCorte.

The two Murdoch brothers, James and Lachlan, are attempting to clean house and get rid of the frat-house antics that flourished under former CEO Roger Ailes. Like Ailes, anchor Bill O’Reilly was recently fired for sexual harassment.

LaCorte also called the dismissal of O’Reilly “a well-orchestrated hit from the inside.”

According to FOX News leaker “Chip,” some of the other employees are unhappy that the Murdoch brothers are going to make them act like normal employees of a normal American corporation.

One email said, “I can’t believe that we can’t rate women’s boobs or make n-word jokes anymore,” said an executive. “This place won’t be the same. Damn political correctness.”

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