Conservative Viewers Threaten to Ditch FOX in Favor of More ‘Pro-White’ Network

Rupert Murdoch (YouTube)

By Jamal Whiteman

While FOX News continues to be mired in sexual harassment and racial discrimination lawsuits, some conservatives are beginning to look elsewhere for commentary.

On Bill Maher’s “Real Time,” New Yorker writer Gabriel Sherman said Sinclair, a broadcasting chain, has been buying several stations and plans to replace FOX News with an even more conservative network. According to CNN media reporter Brian Stelter, Sinclair Broadcasting is on the verge of a $4 billion deal to acquire Tribune Media.

“Chip,” a FOX News insider who has been leaking information to the Business Standard News, said some right wingers think FOX has gone soft and is too liberal.

An email to FOX complained about the termination of Bill O’Reilly. The email from a viewer called Harland Brock reads, “I’m done with FOX. You got rid of Bill O’Reilly, just because he was grabbing some ass. And now you’re letting n**gers sue you.”

Other viewers stated they were leaving FOX and looking for other conservative networks that were more pro-white and “tougher on the blacks.”

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