Paula White Selling Trump-Blessed ‘Prayer Flags’

Paula White at the White House.

By Marina Troy

Televangelist Paula White, a close confidant of President Donald Trump, is capitalizing on their friendship. White, a notorious proponent of the prosperity gospel, is now hawking “prayer flags,” for $100 a piece.

“These flags will enhance your prayer request, since they have been prayed over by both the president and I,” said White in a message on her website.

Many Christian theologians consider the thrice-married White a heretic and dismiss the prosperity gospel, which says God wants Christians to be wealthy on Earth, as a misinterpretation of Christianity.

According to Heat Street, Hector Gomez, a pastor who worked with White at the Without Walls ministry, said the female evangelist used to steal from her congregants.

“‘People would give them jewelry, diamonds, watches,’ Gomez said. One day, he said, he watched in horror as Paula White sifted through the collection plate after church, picking out the jewelry that looked valuable,” said the Heat Street article.

White’s career as a minister has been marked by scandals involving divorces, bankruptcies and lavish spending on luxury cars and private jets.

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  • This woman is indeed delusional! Very said, but the human mind is capable of great deception.

  • Ben Bass

    She is, and they are, joking . . . right?

  • Pam harding

    she can barely talk with that dragging over plumped lip……and Trump is nowhere near a Christian man,the bible says to be humble and practice humility….he is too self absorbed, self serving and self loving😡

  • I have the hots for Britt Ekland

    Why are these Krishchun women always dolled up? Don’t they know that vanity is a sin?

    There’s a reason why that religion attracts the world’s morons.

  • Jane White


  • William Rice

    I’m tired of these hypocrites.