Insider Claims Alex Jones Negotiating Deal With FOX News

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Michael Hoult

A FOX News insider claims Alex Jones is negotiating a deal to get a show on the ailing network

The leak, supplied by FOX News insider “Chip,” claims FOX News executives are interested in gaining Jones’ huge online audience.

Jones hosts online radio show InfoWars, a hub for conspiracy theories. The show also attracts millions of viewers on YouTube.

FOX News has also developed a reputation for pushing conspiracy theories. They spent several hours pushing the theory that President Barack Obama attended a madrasa, and also spread the false idea that Obama’s Justice Department failed to prosecute the New Black Panthers.

More recently FOX has tried to revitalize the idea Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered to cover up his links to WikiLeaks. However, Washington, D.C. police said Rich was killed in a robbery and his family has demanded FOX stop airing the false story.

According to Media Matters, FOX News finally issued a retraction, but commentator Sean Hannity kept airing the story until recently when he said he was going to stop “for now.”

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