Bolling Says Reports of Increased Muslims Discrimination Are ‘Fake News’

Eric Bolling (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

FOX News commentator Eric Bolling has joined other right-wing media in trying to spin President Donald Trump’s disastrous Middle East trip as a success.

“The Saudis love Trump, didn’t you see him dancing with them over there?” said Bolling. “The Saudis respect Trump because he didn’t bow and scrape to their king. This will usher in a new harmonious era with Muslim countries.”

Bolling also dismissed reports of increased discrimination against Muslims in the United States as “fake news.” Bolling once said that Barack Obama’s election was proof there was no racism in America.

Bolling’s views were supported by Pete Hegseth, co-host of “FOX and Friends,” who questioned if anti-Muslim bullying was happening.

However, the Southern Poverty Law Center has reported a huge jump in acts of racial and religious discrimination. Last week, Jeremy Christian, a Trump supporter from Portland, Ore., killed two men who came to the defense of a Muslim woman who was being racially abused.

But FOX News host Tucker Carlson tried to downplay Christian’s horrific act, saying he wasn’t a “coherent white supremacist.”

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